Bloodied Beaches

  • Admin [DM]

    In the early morning some days ago, the shoreline near Aunkspear was coloured red. Hundreds of corpses of reptilian humanoids and frogmen lie scattered along the bloody beach, with the massive body of a hydra split in half oozing out its internal organs and blood into the Wyvernwater. A band of Crimson Warriors emerged from the blood soaked beaches, five massive heads in tow as they headed towards Arabel in jolly spirit.

    Now a few days later, the corpses have been consumed and pulled into the waters of Wyvernwater with the high tide. The people of Aunkspear report a growing number of fish, with many celebrating joyously the abundance of seafood once more such as enormously large red crabs. Similarly Immersea has too enjoyed a rise of catches, with plenty used to ferment and send to the dwarven embassy for mysterious brewing.

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