[Flaming hot]

  • Admin [DM]

    Suddenly and without warning, a mass of women emerge from the shadows of the Historic District during the early hours of the morning. Each holding a crumbled poster in one hand, and a rolling pin or frying pan in the other. Emerging from the crowd, the glimmering figure of High Priestess Arianna Redlock of Tymora steps forth with her own poster in hand along with a fist of divine fire.

    One by one, the bloody bakers step forth and lit their posters using the divine fire of Tymora. It did not take long before a bonfire had formed, made entierly of burning Census of the Black Tower posters. Standing in eerie silence, the Bloody Bakers watched the posters burn, whilst the numerous symbols of Tymora glimmered in the light. Once flames ran out and all that remained was ashes, the crowd had already dispersed as suddenly as it emerged. Only the High Priestess remained, gathering the ashes in a bread cloth before departing with determination in her steps.


  • Admin [DM]

    After an little old lady assaults a Sentinel of the Tower with a loaf of bread, the Sentinel protects himself and snaps the loaf and the woman's arm in half. The old lady dies moments later, the crowd which witnesses the deed are too shocked and frightened to speak or move. It is only after the Sentinel leaves, that the old lady is moved to the mortuary.

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