Custom item stat not stacking, disappears

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    Server Version: Puffy 6554
    Screen Shot: tried to get one but it's not working
    Time: 21:20 NZDT

    Issue Description: Received 'bracers of the damned' from Middy as part of the plot reward for Pale Man, they included armour bonus vs undead +2, but this stat disappeared upon equipping them. The error message was: "the defensive power of standard armor and bracers does not stack, so the power of your bracers is temporarily reduced". The stat, however, does not reappear upon removing the bracers.

    Middy checked other armour and thought it would stack okay, so might be a bug? Middy still has a copy of item as well if needed.

  • The bonus won't reappear until the offending item that's already providing a +2 deflection bonus is removed.

  • What I think it is, the ancient v2/3-era scripts (that shouldn't be present) that prevented wearing heavy armor + bracers.

    I've seen others equip them just fine with sub-heavy armor.

  • The armour bonus on bracers vanishes if you're wearing chainmail or chain shirt. Not tried it wearing leathers.

  • Armor bonuses have never stacked except for Dodge AC. Its no bug, just bracers with AC is usually useless with anything but robes.

  • @Mortui But bracer AC bonus provides Armor AC, not Deflection AC?

  • Admin [DM]

    Not a bug, apparently.

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