Herbalism (Alchemy)

  • Herbs can be found in bushes through Arabel, with each herb preferring different environments. Quests in these areas may also include their respective herbs as part of their loot tables.

    New herbs:


    This sturdy root grows easily in any direction. It can often be found at the base of trees, mixed in among the tree's own roots and wound around its trunk.

    Flavor: Earthy
    Properties: Defense, Resistance

    Mender's Saffron

    Attempts to domesticate this plant have proven troublesome - while it can grow in a planter, it does not often grow in quantity. Some believe it was created when followers of Lathander went too far, desiring the sun's healing ability for themselves.

    Flavor: Bitter
    Properties: Healing, Restoration

    Kossuth's Kiss

    Found mainly in deserts, and particularly near lava tubes, this leafy growth can produce a heat-resistant oil.

    Flavor: Spicy
    Properties: Fire, Divine


    Illegal in some countries due to it's more illicit properties, properly moderated exposure can enhance one's magical senses.

    Flavor: Salty
    Properties: Arcana, Eternity

    Auril's Veil

    Usually found draped around cave mouths, this herb prefers colder climates. While safe to consume in small quantities, extensive and prolonged use of the herb can cause blindness.

    Flavor: Minty
    Properties: Cold, Illusion


    This aquatic reed is rumored to have been created when a dying naiad queen reached up to hold her lover once more. Crowns crafted from the reeds are believed by commoners to aid in romantic encounters.

    Flavor: Musty
    Properties: Charm, Water


    Harvesters of this flower must be careful - the thorns of this plant carry a mild poison that will cause exposed skin itch for a tenday! A salve made from the stem and roots of the plant can neutralize most itches though.

    Flavor: Sour
    Properties: Acid, Poison


    This jumble of pale vegetation seems to lack a root system entirely. Large petals carry it along windy mountain ridges, where it scatters its seeds.

    Flavor: Smokey
    Properties: Wind, Electricity


    Once the pride of Athkatla, wild varieties of this spice have spread throughout the Forgotten Realms.

    Flavor: Umami (Richness)
    Properties: Strength, Potency

  • To craft an herbs potion, you must have 2 of each herb, plus an empty potion bottle. This creates 2d4 potions. To create one of the homogeneous potions, it costs 8 of that herb. Variable herbalism/healing DCs can be used based off the circle of the spell created. Not all potions are intended to be drunk - some are intended to be thrown.

    Cagevine Saffron Kiss Feycap Veil Drop Nettle Claw Spice
    Cagevine Ioun Stone: Pink Barkskin Wall of Smoke Protection from Petrification Ghostly Visage Protection from Evil Web Resist Elements Mage Armor
    Saffron Barkskin Monstrous Regeneration Remove Fear Clarity Remove Blindness/Deafness Remove Disease Remove Poison Remove Paralysis Remove Curse
    Kiss Wall of Smoke Remove Fear Flame Weapon Lesser Restoration Elemental Shield Blood Frenzy Divine Favor Bless Firewall
    Feycap Protection from Petrification Clarity Lesser Restoration Ioun Stone: Pink and Green Invisibility See Invisibility Ultravision Expeditious Retreat Confusion
    Veil Ghostly Visage Remove Blindness/Deafness Elemental Shield Invisibility Ioun Stone: Blue Cloud of Bewilderment Ironguts Cone of Cold Ice Storm
    Drop Protection from Evil Remove Disease Blood Frenzy See Invisibility Cloud of Bewilderment True Sight? Fear Negative Energy Burst Haste
    Nettle Web Remove Poison Divine Favor Ultravision Ironguts Fear Ioun Stone: Scarlet and Blue Scintillating Sphere Slow
    Claw Resist Elements Remove Paralysis Bless Expeditious Retreat Cone of Cold Negative Energy Burst Scintillating Sphere Ioun Stone: Deep Red Gust of Wind
    Spice Mage Armor Remove Curse Firewall Confusion Ice Storm Haste Slow Gust of Wind Ioun Stone: Pale Blue

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