Corrupted Coasts

  • Sightings of werecrocodiles around the coastal towns of Immersea and Aunkspear appear to have increased. The waters churn with their active feeding, with fisherman and sailors vanishing off the shore at all hours of the day and night. Sailors also speak of haunted shipwrecks and the presence of oozes corrupting the coasts...

  • The coasts of Aunkspear and Immersea are still haunted by corrupt sea shores and monstrous werecrocodiles. Lizardmen are also seen patrolling the shores.

    Both towns have posted a bounty of 750 coin per adventurer and a magical treasure of their choosing for anyone to find and solve these problems, as it is affecting their fishing industry and sea ports.

  • The number of werecrocs and ooze has diminished seemingly overnight. A group of adventurers, led by an elf and a Tower mage, report great progress in resolving the corrupted coasts.

    And, along with the death of the great hydra, fishing and morale have turned positive. But the problem is not yet over, and the towns' bounty still stands.

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