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We bring the FUN and other in game shenanigans

  • Elemental Shard - Gone?!

    The City was positively abuzz this evening for the auction of the Elemental Shard of Water in Lord Bradys King Plaza estate.

    Dignitaries, noblemen and women and affluent people about town as well as a smattering of the adventuring populace were in attendance.

    The evening, perhaps predictably, ended in scandal however with the theft of the Elemental Shard and a brawl through some hitherto unknown secret passage beneath the City….

    posted in Setting wide rumours [DM Only]
  • Arcane Registration

    A number of law abiding arcanists are seen presenting themselves at the Crown barracks further to the recent call for registration.

    If you linger long enough in one of Arabels taverns you'll overhear plenty mages, however, rebuke the Crown Guard and condemn the registration.

    The view of the Precept is not yet apparent.

    posted in Setting wide rumours [DM Only]
  • RE: Report: Wyvernwater Gem

    Funds will not be made available for this.

    Attend on behalf of the organisation, your admission fee will be accommodated via petty cash. Track its whereabouts and acquire it from the successful bidder for the purposes of study.

    Count Immerdusk.

    posted in Crown Guards