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  • Missing in Action A Bit


    Due to to some computer issues I am trying to resolve, I've lost a lot of my nwn stuff, and need to focus on getting my other assets recovered for both university and work related shenanigans.

    I'll be out of game for at least a couple days, maybe up to a week.

    For people in my plot, I apologize for leaving you in limbo.



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  • The Ethereal Women

    The rumours of an ethereal, dark-clad lady visiting gravesites in the dead of night have stirred quite the intrigue and speculation among the locals. Some suggest she may simply be mourning the departed, paying her respects under the veil of darkness. Others, however, entertain the notion that she is a restless spirit, perhaps with unfinished business or a desire to continue her life's work beyond the grave.

    Of course, there are always sceptics who dismiss such tales as the products of overactive imaginations or the hallucinations of inebriated individuals stumbling near the graveyard. Yet, cautionary whispers still circulate among those who reside in the vicinity of the burial grounds, advising them to keep a watchful eye and remain vigilant in the dead of night.

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