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  • RE: Proposal: Demi Human Registration


    It is an unfortunate truth that those possessing bizarre or strange bloodlines and heritages are possessed by strange urges, stronger emotions, and less capacity for critical thought and self-constraint. They are often trapped by the bloodline origin and its inherent vices, like a wolf among sheep, it will eventually tear out the throat of the weak. It is a natural urge, and we pity them for being born in this way. It was, after all, not their choice to give up the free will and mandate of the mortal races to choose, or have it restrained.

    Unfortunately, we must look at facts. These races cause trouble, bring misfortune, and harm wherever they go. Even the 'holy blooded' seek to overturn the status quo, bring chaos, and often render judgment without care or concern for local traditions and laws. Whatever they perceive as evil must be punished- even if there is good reason behind it. We need not speak of tieflings and their inherent proclivities toward evil and mischief.

    It is thus that his Majesty refrains from extending his benevolent and royal hand of protection over these would-be subjects. They must prove they can rise above the dirt and muddied blood of their heritage and embrace the good and civilized path of humanity over the polluted blood of their lineage. All may deal with these troublemakers as they see fit, as appropriate. Should the individual prove themselves worthy, they can be protected as any other.

    The Twelve Council of Peers is here to protect the realm from such nascent threats, or recognize those who rose above.

    Dictated but not read,
    Royal Wizard McGregor Falstean

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