There can only be one queen

  • Admin [DM]

    With the absence of Gondegal from the public eye, two women has stepped in to take his place in the public spotlight. The Crimson Lady and Islyn of House Misrim, the women's confidence and strong personalities has brought a sense of ease to the general population. However, neither of them are eager to share the spotlight.

    Displaying the bravery and willingness to put her life in danger in the name of Arabel, the Crimson Lady has personally taken part in multiple raids in the areas surrounding the Hullack Forest and Collinwoods, in search of the foul Cormyrian spies. Proudly parading two suspected traitors to the Palace for questioning, raising Arabel's moral and sense of safety.

    Meanwhile, Islyn of House Misrim has displayed her skilled entrepreneurship, arranging meetings with all major establishments within the city. Whilst personally visiting the City's Embassies, seeking to strengthening Arabel's trading partnership to bring further wealth into the city. With rumours of another festival already in the planning..

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