Quest Tweak: Sticky Situation

  • The boss of this quest is in a room with a bandit grunt and two slugs,

    The grunt has +7 AB, the slugs something like +2.
    She herself has +0 AB.

    My suggestion would be to spawn a less dangerous grunt or remove her Summon spell if there is a single person taking the quest as currently she will demolish you unless you have some kind of elemental protection. She slung 3 acid arrows each doing 12-16 damage while I was trying to deal with the sneak attacking grunt and her summoned badger.

    For a party you can spread that damage out a bit, but for one person it's going to be a quick death. Even with high hp.

    Even if you can afford the healing (I couldn't and had to abandon the quest and do something else), it's too much damage to attempt to mitigate without access to some kind of buffs currently.

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