Heroic Plumbers: Ochre Jellies, Gel Cubes and no loot

  • Area name: ZQA: Arabel, Water Pipes
    Issue Location:
    Quest Name: Heroic Plumbers
    Store Name:
    NPC Name: Madame Valentina Foster
    NPC Location: Baths room in Falcons Rest
    Server Version: 191003 Haquin 6462
    Screen Shot:

    Issue Description:

    The full size Ochre Jellies on this quest seem to have a very high damage resistance, more than 10/-. Unable to harm them with anything I tried except negative energy, fire and acid. All physical attacks where absorbed, (used a doubleaxe, a shovel, fists and enchanted darts). Managed to kill them using acid bullets and a sling. The little ones seemed to have a much lower DR and can be killed with physical attacks.

    The DR seems a bit excessive for a low level quest with no loot (that I could find) and only paying 120 gold. It took three blurs to get through the first encounter.

    The Gelatinous cubes were vulnerable to both sneak attack and critical hits. They also did not seem to attempt to paralyse or engulf. The only enemy on the quest to do that was the End Boss.

  • Admin [DM]

    Should have been resolved, loot added

  • Quest tested this one and it is working.

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