Fighter/Paladin HP Change doesn't work retroactively

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    Time: 04/10/2019 19:49 BST

    Issue Description: The HP change doesn't work retroactively, my level 8 Fighter with 14 constitution went from 72 HP to 73, rather than 80.

  • Admin [DM]

    Yep. That's how it goes. We are not doing re-levels for those that gained HP just as we are not enforcing re-levels for those that lose HP.

  • That does seem awful, the lesser hp are not player's fault or anything they could have predicted. While the DM team is doing their balance period, it seems very wrong to me that players are the ones to suffer for it.

  • Admin [DM]

    It's not about fault or causing any suffering. The change is effective moving forward is all. I wanted to get the info out there for transparency so the players know we are making changes and taking feedback. To change it would involve more than a simple de-level. It's an entire remake of the character which takes time away from DMs being IG running events or continuing to fix other things.

    I'd ask for continued patience from everyone as adjustments are being made. The most drastic impact if for fighters/paladins who at lvl 10 will be 10 HP. Any levels a fighter/paladin gets from this point on will be at the new amount. Any argument that 10 HP is massive because (insert reason here) will not change this.

    It was requested that fighter/paladin HP be reviewed so there is a larger gap between them and the d8 class (specifically mentioning the divine). Moving forward they now have 8 hp. On to the next item.

    Cheers and again, thanks for the continued patience.

    Happy Gaming!

    Locking this now.

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