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  • Storyteller [DM]

    So i am lazy and I like making my player base do my thinking for me, so I am going to give you a few examples of what I want to see, and you do the rest.

    Some ground rules:

    1. Do not comment on each others ideas.
    2. Do not comment on each others ideas.
    3. Do not comment on each other ideas.

    I don't care if they are unbalanced, broken, or ridiculous. Something might give me an idea to submit to our script team to make and I do not want balance- just let your creativity flow.


    1. Kit Name
    2. requirements
    3. Perks
    4. Description


    1. Eldritch Knight
      1a. Fighter(Paladin also acceptable)/Wizard(Sorcerer also works). Melee/Caster levels must stay within two levels of each other (4 fighter 2 wizard is fine, 5 wizard 2 fighter is not).
      1b. The Arcane Level grants 6 hp per level instead of 3. Player gains -25% arcane spell failure regardless of armor type, shield gains -15% arcane spell failure if applicable. +3 spellcraft.
      1c. Famed for their skill at arms and spells, the Eldritch Knight is an unwieldy combination of martial might and arcane skill. While not quite as good as their peers who dedicate their lives to one branch of adventuring study- the Eldritch Knight works to balance the two occupations and serve in either role as the need demands.

    2. Reaper
      2a. Barbarian/Sorcerer with SF necromancy.
      2b. When raging, the Barbarian slays his enemies, animating them as undead allies who serve as specters enthralled to his service and defend his blindspots while his weapon hews his foes. Gains +2 negative energy while raging. +3 intimidate
      2c. Whispered in savage tribes, the Reaper is an epitomy of death incarnate, feared and dreaded- hunted and scorned, the Reaper Walks, and death follows.

    3. Paladin of Banishment
      3a. Paladin with SF Conjuration
      3b. Gains 1/day banishment, bless weapon changes to 2d6 versus outsiders.
      3c. The Paladin of Banishment favors otherworldly enemies and banishes the demons, devils, and daemons from the prime material. He also combats the forces of chaos that threaten the occupants of the Prime.

    1. Headhunter
      1a Rogue/Ranger, can't have companion, must choose non-monstrous race FE
      1b Gets 1 level FE against all non-monstrous races aside of chosen one which progress normally
      1c With the change of government and chaos in the country, the number of wanted criminals has risen sharply. Headhunters appeared with them. If you are a wanted criminal, they will track you down and use any tricks to get your head.

    2. Juggernaut
      2a Pure Barbarian, heavy armor proficiency feat
      2b Instead of Rage get a Juggernaut switch. Requires heavy armor and melee weapon, -33% speed, freedom of movement, spring attack, slippery mind.
      2c Giants among their race, if these metal-clad soldiers chose you as their target, stopping them will be extremely difficult.

    3. Arcane Trickster
      2a Rogue/Wizard(Sorcerer), Courteous magocracy, Can't cast spells past 2 circle.
      2b All spells is automatically extended
      2c With the arrival of many wizards and sorcerers in the city, those also appeared who were ready to cash in on stolen secrets hidden behind magic traps, and, perhaps, learn a couple of new tricks.

  • name: Poisoner
    Require: snake-blooded feat, pure rogue (assassin multi-class allowed)
    Grants Use Poison, duration of poisons greatly extended. Extended even further if Assassin class since they would get use poison as a class ability. Also creates random poisons when resting?
    Description: A master of poisons and dirty tricks the poisoner preys on the crippled and weak.

    1. Soul Monk
      1a. Pure monk
      1b. Get 10+monk level SR ( around 50% chance to resist spell of the similar caster level if there's no spell breach involved)
      1/day Ghostly Visage (3) (cut's down on the supplies cost a bit, helping to accumulate coin for stuff)
      +X Spellcraft
      1c. "Flavor text about meditations, spiritualism or misticism and shit"

    2. Body monks
      2a. Pure monk
      2b. Poison immunity, 10% DR
      1/day Endurance (3)
      +X Discipline
      2c. "Flavor text about training, dieting, hitting themselves with stones in the mountains and other masochistic and bodybuilding shit"

    3. Land Monks
      3a. Pure monk
      3b. +1 and later +2 AB with Kamas
      Weapon Finesse
      Bonus damage stance for short amount of time at cost of stunning fist charge.
      +X Heal
      3c. "Flavor text about combat-peasants, fertilizers and shit"

    4. Stunt Monks
      4a. Pure monk
      4b. Uncanny dodge
      Empty Body
      1/day Grace
      +X Hide, MS
      4c. "Flavor text about acrobatics, flexibility, circus, spies and sneakiness and shit"

    5. Hand Monks
      5a. Pure monk
      5b. +1 and later +2 shield AC while you base Strength is at least twice bigger than your base DEX
      1/day Strength
      +X Concentration
      5c. "Flavor text about hitting things that mentally healthy person shouldn't hit, brawl-seeking, cage boxing and shit"

    6. Hermit Monk
      6a. Pure monk
      6b. 1/day and later 2/day Polymorph self (or maybe on CD instead of per day)
      +X Animal Empathy progression with the levels
      6c. "Flavor text about self-isolation, perfecting harmony with the world by living through different forms, attaining self-knowledge through knowledge of the world and shit."

    7. Mind (Faith) Monks
      7a. Pure Monk
      7b. WIS as an AB stat.
      Gradual unlocking of Psionic Charm Monster, Psionic Mass Concussion, Psionic Mind Blast. (Or bard-like spellcasting progression based on WIS with strictly limited spell choices)
      1/day Wisdom (if psionic variant)
      +X Lore
      7c. "Flavor text about thinking in boiling thoughts, or reaching divine through the ritualism, asceticism, oaths and/or pilgrimage."

  • Kit Name: The Expert
    Requirements: Rogue Level 1 (single or multi class)
    Perks 2 additional bonus languages, 4 bonus skill points next level up (or 1/ level). ((Alternatively additional CoASS points?))
    Forgoe sneak attack for a non combat skill focus; Appraise/Bluff/ Disable Trap/ Heal/Intimidate/ Listen/ Lore/ Open Lock/Perform*/Persuade/ Pick Pocket/ Search/ Spellcraft*/Spot/ Taunt*. (* included for cross-class skill and multi-classes users)
    Description The Mastermind, the Planner, the brains behind the operation. Too busy thinking through the problem to be sticking a knife in someones vitals, The Expert is everyone's go-to-guy in the dungeon or the Kings Palace.

  • Kit: Small-Arms Master

    Requirements: Pure Rogue

    Perks: Two-Weapon Fighting and Ambidexterity at 4th,
    Improved Two-Weapon Fighting at 6-7.

    Description: With mastery of arms as well as the tricks of the trade used by scoundrels and other ne'er do wells, a small-arms master combines the talent with blade with the roguish mastery of feints and trickery to blindside an opponent, leaving them open to a greater number of strikes.

  • Kit Name Battlefield Healer
    Requirements Concentration and Heal 4 Ranks, Skill Focus: Heal
    Chirurgeon's Focus -unlimited/ day - x rounds/ level + Wis Bonus
    Automatic take 20 with healing kits and herbs, even in the midst of battle. All treatments give long term care.
    Entropic Shield or similar effect vs ranged weapons
    -4 AC - the healer is preoccupied with their patients making them all to easy a target for enemies that break through the battle lines.
    Description Lingering at the rear of the battle lines, this member of the group stands ready to receive the wounded at a moments notice, to patch them up and get them back in the fight.

    1. Arcane Fletcher
      1a. Fighter, Ranger, Barbarian, Paladin, Martial proficiency, Called Shot, ability to cast 1 level arcane spells
      1b. Fixed amount of special elemental arrows given on rest, can't exceed this amount by consecutive rests if not used
      1c. "These archers turned to spells in search of supernatural accuracy, but in the process they learned how to make magical arrows by enchanting them with cantrips."

    2. Bulls-eye
      2a. Rogue, Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, WF in ranged weapon, Point blank
      2b. Choice of three stances that lasts for three rounds and share mutual 1 turn KD. All of them can't be used with Rapid Shot.
      First applies -2 AB and Wounded property on successful hits
      Second applies -2 AB lowers AC by 1 for each hit to a maximum of 3 for limited duration similarly to Taunt
      Third just gives 1 AB bonus
      2c. "These archers and throwers specialize in a series of well-aimed attacks on vulnerable points, which requires keen sight and considerable concentration."

    3. Bowstring Spinner
      3a. Fighter, Ranger, Barbarian, Paladin
      3b. Stance that makes your bow or crossbow Mighty equally to your STR modifier for five rounds or until you move. At the end of the stance applies exhaustion with -2 AB penalty and -25% speed for the five rounds
      3c. "These archers and crossbowman train strength and use a special mechanism to adjust the tension of the bowstring on the fly."

    4. Juggler
      4a. Fighter, Rogue, Ranger, Barbarian, 18+ DEX, WF in throwable weapon
      4b. Deflect arrows feat
      Once per turn can attempt ranged Knockdown
      Darts and axes doesn't count toward encumbrance
      4c. "Masters of sleight of hands, they do real miracles with darts and axes and sometime even sling. The victims of their miracles do not always manage to escape."

    5. Falconer
      5a. Ranger, Druid, Special bird companion
      5b. Bird is invulnerable but untargetable.
      Can be commanded to attack enemy, doesn't deal damage, but gives flanking benefits, including owner's ranged attacks.
      Maybe lowers victim AB by 1.
      5c. "Those who have devoted time to the study of birds have long noticed their sharp eyes and incredible mobility. Specialists have learned to develop these qualities, turning their partners into a real obstacle for the enemy."

  • Orc kits

    Orc Tribal

    Run of the mill orc fighter from the tribes around Arabel. Follow orc pantheon

    Must be orc, pure barbarian.

    Level 4: Weapon prof: exotic
    Level 6: Bonus Feat: Toughness

    Disciple of Shargass

    A feral orc been taught by the infamous clergy of Shargaas

    At least 1 level Rogue, orc only. Follow Shargaas

    Level 4: Exotic Weapon Prof
    Level 6: Bonus Feat: Stealthy

    Kenku Kits

    Designed to make sneaking easier for martial classes

    Class: Any, except Rogue or Ranger

    Can cast invisible once per day, can cast darkness once per day, can cast expedious retreat once per day

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