Wilderness Resting

  • The disappearing bedrolls bug has been reported already, but on top of that resting is random. Two people tried to rest at a fire and it consumed 7 bedrolls, which means over 40 pounds of gear was needed to be brought for two rests. Now I know that bug is going to be fixed eventually but there is still resting managing to fail. Suggestion is to have that removed. There are already enough time-sink features, bigger ones even. Having to wait 20 seconds to find out your rest failed wait 20 more seconds, oh it failed wait 20 more seconds... that serves no purpose other than to consume time ooc'ly. It's already scripted that only one person can rest at a time anyway even if you wanted to have multiple rests at once, so multiply this hassle for everyone that is attempting when you have a group exploring the server.

  • Admin [DM]

    This has apparently been fixed/implemented/adjusted/etc.

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