Module Changes

  • Admin [DM]


    • Immersea has been updated with new fishing village features
    • Nuggets of ore now offer prestige reward to the Dwarven Embassy
    • The rare gem minerals now offer prestige reward to the Elven Embassy
    • Treasure Map loot has been updated

  • Admin [DM]


    • New prestige items available in the Dwarven Embassy, Elven Embassy and Sembian Embassy
    • Minor bugs fixed to Immersea
    • Tweaked some Prestige Store items that were a little too strong or cheap

  • Admin [DM]


    • White Horde updates to reflect recent developments IG
    • Cobalt and Adaminium can now be mined in deadly areas
    • Cave of Wickedness is now accessible IG, please note the area is -deadly-

  • Admin [DM]


    • Tailoring: Boots and Cloaks recipes available
    • Adjustmens made to leatherworking stat requirements (55/10/35 dex/con/int)
    • New stats on bows/crossbows from wood crafting
    • Added prestige points to animal skins

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  • Admin [DM]


    • Bospir's prestige store is now available, items to be made
    • Lowbie loot tweaked slightly
    • Lowbie loot now offers prestige points (All city quests covered, some outer ones to be done)

  • Admin [DM]


    • Improvements to crafting
      • weapon crafters will notice a big jump in xp gained
      • wood crafted gear updated
      • wood crafting got a small bump in xp gain

  • Admin [DM]


    Crafting Changes

    Alchemy -- increased crafting xp
    Gem Cutting and Polishing -- increased crafting xp
    Gem Crushing -- increased # of dust from cut and fine gems
    Armor Anvil -- increased crafting xp; put game xp on par with other crafting styles
    Bakers Oven -- increased crafting xp; increased crafting xp
    Silver-Coating Brazier -- increased crafting xp
    Titanium Brazier -- increased crafting xp
    Brewers Keg -- increased crafting xp; put game xp on par with other crafting styles
    Brewers Kettle -- increased crafting xp; put game xp on par with other crafting styles
    Brewers Oven -- increased crafting xp; put game xp on par with other crafting styles
    Curing Tub -- increased crafting xp, increased recipe level for grizzly, malar panther, polar bear, dire tiger and dire bear
    Enchanting Altar -- increased crafting xp
    Enchanting Pool - -- increased crafting xp, moved spear from throwing to polearms category
    Enchanting Statue -- increased crafting xp

    Farmers Mill

    • increased crafting xp (this was the lowest of all crafting types for xp)
    • lowered meal recipes from 2 to 1, adjusted xp accordingly
    • lowered flour recipes from 3 to 2, adjusted xp accordingly
    • increased malt recipes from 1 to 4, adjusted xp accordingly

    Farmers Press

    • added required recipe levels on oils (they had 0 for all of them)
    • corn/rice/almond RL1, Game XP 5, Crafting XP 20
    • chestnut/pecan RL 2, Game XP 10, Crafting XP 30
    • hazelnut/walnut RL 3, Game XP 15, Crafting XP 40
    • increased crafting xp on juices from 10 to 30
    • increased crafting xp on raw parchment from 10 to 20

    Hide Rack -- increased crafting xp
    Tinkers Furnace -- increased crafting xp
    Ink Desk -- increased crafting xp, added to Misrim Estate, People's Palace, Sembian Merchant area in Immersea
    Scroll Scribing Desk -- increased crafting xp, added to Misrim Estate, People's Palace, Sembian Merchant area in Immersea
    Tinkers Device

    • reduced number of ingots required for arrow heads from 4 to 1
    • reduced number of ingots required for studs from 2 to 1
    • reduced number of ingots required for iron spikes from 2 to 1
    • increased crafting xp gained
    • reduced caltrops recipe from 3 to 1
    • reduced compound bow cam recipe from 7 to 5

    Tinkers Toolbox

    • increased xp gained for making tools
    • lowered recipe level for minor traps from 8 to 6, adjusted xp
    • lowered recipe level for average traps from 9 to 8, adjusted xp
    • left strong traps recipes at 10, but adjusted xp

    Tailor's Table

    • adjusted recipe levels (down on some , up on others)
    • increased crafting xp gain across the board


    • Reduced "hardness" on mineable rocks
    • Coal is no longer marked 'stolen'


    • Changed requirements for smelting from 25/75 str/dex to 25/55/20 str/dex/wis
    • Reduced number of nuggets required to make ingots (for those that previously required more than one nugget)

    Carpenters Bench

    • Reduced the output for wood shafts from 2 to 1.

    Tinker Shop

    • Replaced outdated feathers in tinker shop with updated ones.


    • Replaced some of the mundane pelts with cool-looking new ones, like this, for dire tiger:

  • Admin [DM]

    Version 6978:

    Poison(Quality of Life Change):

    The .POISON Dot Command have been refactored in order to:

    • Allow Players to set poison type without breaking stealth
    • Easier Application via Dot command

    Setting a Poison for Application:

    When you wish to set a new Poison type use the following dot command:


    The name doesnt need to be case sensitive but must be the exact name of the poison!
    This will set your selection to that poison until one of the following things happen:

    • Reset takes place
    • You overwrite the type with a different type
    • You run out of Vials for that Poison

    Applying Poison to Weapons/Ammunition:

    Unlike the old dot command version you will no longer have to type .poison left, .poison arrow and all that.
    You simply have to type the following dot command:

    .poison apply

    The code will identify your weapon of choice at the moment the dot command was used:

    • If you have no weapon equipped - It will try to target your Gloves
    • If you have a Ranged weapon equipped it will try to target your ammunition
    • If you have both Main-Hand and Off-Hand weapon equipped it will try to target both in succession

    In the case of dual-wielding you must have one vial for each weapon.
    Each failure will show the appropriate error message.

    As always: If you find some exploits, things that are too good to be true make sure to report these right away!

  • Admin [DM]


    • Added Enchanting stations to Tymoran Temple (added a small room to the map to accommodate these placebles)
    • Lowered the cost of spider silk from 10 to 3 (they can still be collected in some areas of the server for free)
    • Increased the cost of bow strings from 3 to 8 (it takes 2 spider silk to make a bow string, this way crafting them is still cheaper than buying them)
    • Added titanium brazier to Historic District and Hillmarch near the smithy
    • added ingot recycler to Hillmarch area
    • reduced group size of young wyverns
    • fixed exploit in the ingot recycler

  • Admin [DM]


    • New quest available in the Hullack
    • More dwarven lore added IG
    • New DMless plot encounters added IG (They are hidden! So good luck searching 😉 )
    • Various new lore additions IG

  • Admin [DM]


    HOWEVER, most of the changes/updates in 8193.16 pertained to clerics and wizards so you will likely experience some issues. We are working on it.

  • Admin [DM]

    V6999 and V7000

    Potion prices in shops and made via imbuing have been reduced in gp cost by 25%.
    Happy shopping!

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