Barrenstone quest, Redwood

  • Area name: Redwood, Redspring Meadow
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    Quest Name: Barrenstone
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    Barrenstone quest in Redwood: Redspring Meadow. You can enter it even without taking the quest!

    The quest itself however is a joke really. It's easy if you go in with a group the size and level range it requests, though I can see it would be tough if it is just a really unprepared group. However for its level range it is pretty almost no xp, but a huge quest. It has no loot in it. Turn in completion xp is negligible and with 4 people we got 180 gold, 45 each. This feels like a level 4-6 quest, but less rewarding, and bigger, and more dangerous

  • Adding to this the quest needs loot. Or not. Depends on if it is intended to be able to be entered without taking quest (as a mining explorable area) or not! If it is intended to be enterable without taking quest then no loot.

  • ALSO ALSO I didn't notice it, but the goblin corpses do drop loot bags, but they take a looonnggg time to decay and drop them in the first place. Long enough that I didn't even notice they did drop anything but someone else did!

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