Spell Description Writing

  • I noticed the new spell descriptions are a bit 'programmer's art' and I'd like to offer to re-write them to be more in line with the spells in the game.

    I'm not asking for access to the TLK, but if someone was willing to either send me a copy of the spells and their intended effects, or I could create test characters that a DM could boost up to max level, I can take screenshots of the various spell descriptions and compile them into a spreadsheet or a word document that can be copy-pasted into the TLK.

    It's grunt work, but this kind of thing really helps the flavor of a world and I don't mind doing it.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I will get around to doing this. Understandably, tlks are not veryvfun, so bare with me.

  • I did a 200 line TLK for my own project, and that alone drove me nuts. Believe me I understand. 🙂 It's why I offered to do the writing grunt work, to keep it off your shoulders.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Message me over discord, when you have time. 😉

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