Summon Theme: Druidic

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    Server Version: 6228
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    Summon 1 seems a bit too strong compared to other summon 1s. High hp, high AB, high damage, has cleave and dodge bumps its AC up to medium AC.
    Summon 2 has the same problem as Summon 1, but not as bad. Drop the AB a bit lower than the current +10 AB.
    Summon 3 is too strong. Has 2 apr, good AB, high damage, good AC, medium hp. It's a lvl 7 fighter (Pc levels) that you can summon at lvl 5... >>
    Summon 4 is probably a bit too strong due to its high AB.
    Summon 5 looks a bit too strong. AC is too high. It seems to be very similar to an ooze and oozes usually have sub 10 AC. This thing has all the strengths of ooze but has 21 AC.
    Summon 6 is fine.
    Summon 7 is fine.
    Summon 8 has 4 attacks per round at +30/25/20/15 AB because it's a lvl 17 pure fighter. This barky boi is definitely too strong.
    Summon 9 is a lvl 20 pure fighter. with 8 more AC and 40 more hp than summon 8. It's too strong unless we want people to summon TPKs >

  • Storyteller [DM]

    This will be a DM faction reserved theme. It is fine as is.

  • The summon 8 and 9 are part of the plant theme as well. They're identical and still massive win buttons.
    Isn't the Wildwalkers a non-app faction as well, which would mean any druid could use these?

  • Storyteller [DM]

    You need a grove to use these.

    And I got lazy making 8 and 9. Sue me.

  • Oh, I see what you mean. I'd say 1-7 are fine then. 8 and 9 are still too OP!

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