Summon Theme: Demons

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    None of these have immunity to fire, which demons should have.
    Summon 1 is a snake, not a demon! 0 AB, 1-2 -2 damage. Too weak to be useful. No skills or feats to make it special. Has DR though, so too strong for a lvl 1 spell.
    Summon 2 is a beetle, not a demon! 22 AC and 60hp on a summon 2 is probably too much even for a demon especially since it has DR as well.
    Summon 3 is too weak. Has okay AB, but bad damage, bad AC, bad hp. DR is probably fine to have at this level if it's less than or equal to 5.
    Summon 4 is too weak. It has 3 apr, but does no damage, has bad hp, bad AC, okay AB. Will only invis, cast low level spells, run away, repeat. Has spot/listen, but doesn't make up for being so weak. Also, it has no concentration so spell casting is often interrupted.
    Summon 5 has decent stats, but is useless. It just spams Dominate Person on all enemies and dies. Even if it was trying to cast useful spells it only has 2 concentration, so can never finish casting.
    Summon 6 is too weak. Will only spam invisibility & haste on itself, run away and try to case dominate person, mind fog and confusion. Hits the caster with AoEs, so I wouldn't use this summon. Despite being a mage, it has no mage feats and has 4d6 sneak attack, but never even tried to melee.
    Summon 7 is too weak. Damage is too low. Not possible to use its 20+ hide/ms since you can't make summons sneak. Low AC for its level, but it casts Acid Sheathe, which works well with it for a few rounds. Damage in melee is too low though even with 4 attacks per round. Damage is okay if it's able to get sneak attacks. Has no Knockdown to get sneak attacks alone though.
    Summon 8 has no discipline or tumble. It's a giant fast creature so should have both. Has no feats. I think it should have dodge/mobility/blindfight. Haven't been able to test it properly in combat to see if it has special abilities. AC and reflex might be a bit too low as well, so bump dex up 2-3 modifiers.
    Summon 9 looks fine. It might be worth giving it something better than +1 longswords though as plenty of other summons have better weapons.

  • Admin [DM]

    Entire theme was redone/reworked.

    Please test again and advise.

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