Summon Theme: Devils

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    Summon 1 is a scorpion, not a devil...
    Summon 2 has 2 apr, but is a devil. Seems fine with the rest of its stats. DR might be a bit too much at this level, but it is a devil.
    Summon 3 is okay, but Hell Hounds are boring.
    Summon 4 is nice, but spends most of its time casting spells if i remember correctly. It has only 5 concentration so will just die while trying to cast. Sort of useless due to this.
    Summon 5 just spams spells and has no concentration, which makes his very nice melee stats pointless. Take away his useless spells please.
    Summon 6 just spams invisibility and runs away. When it's not running away it's running because the enemy got hit by its fear aura. Aura is fine, but it seems to have far too many invisibility spells. Cut the invis spells a bit and make it insta-buff like other caster npcs do when they enter combat and it'll be fine. Except it has no feats. I'd suggest mobility/dodge/blindfight/darkvision. Also, it has 4 attacks per round, which might be too much. It's a devil though and they're supposed to be strong?
    Summon 7 is the literally the same as summon 6.
    Summon 8 seems fine. Could do with being given blindfight, but not super necessary.
    Summon 9 has no feats, but is still quite strong. Might be worth giving it weapon finesse, blindfight, dodge/mobility to keep it above par for 9th circle summons.

  • Admin [DM]

    Reworked entire theme. Please test and advise.

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