Summon Theme: Air Elementals

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    Server Version: 6225
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    From seeing all of the summons, I assume these are supposed to be tanky.
    Summon 1 is a bit too weak. Only has 9 hp.
    Summon 2 is fine.
    Summon 3 is fine. Possibly a bit too strong with 2-12+2 damage.
    Summon 4 is fine. Seems Attack 3 was set to 2-16 +3 damage, but it has no normal attack. 2-16 +3 would be okay due to only having one attack per round. Maybe a bit too much hp at 128hp and 20 AC, but it's supposed to be tanky.
    Summon 5 is a bit too weak. Still has only 1 attack per round, which is fine but it should have higher damage to make up for it..
    Summon 6 far too weak. Damage is the same as Summon 5, AC the same, only gains 20hp and a couple of saves. Give it more damage or less damage and another attack per round. Possibly give it 1 more rank in the concealment feat.
    Summon 7 & 8 are naked dwarves.
    Summon 9 is vanilla. Could do with gaining the same feats as summon 5/6. Fine otherwise.

  • Admin [DM]

    @Miss_Behaviour said in Summon Theme: Air Elementals:

    Summon 7 & 8 are naked dwarves.
    Summon 9 is vanilla.

    7 uses CEP model (having issues with these somehow)
    8 got left off script (incomplete theme)
    9 shouldnt be a Bioware Basic; will adjust next time I get the mod.

  • Admin [DM]

    Summon 7 maybe fixed v6228

  • Admin [DM]

    Summons 8 and 9 added

    Please test and advise

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