Summon Theme: Constructs

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    Server Version: 6225
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    Summon 1 is a naked dwarf.
    Summon 2 is okay.
    Summon 3 is marginally better than 2. Could be improved with a couple low value feats rather than buffing stats.
    Summon 4 is fine.
    Summon 5 is far too weak. Next to no saves, subpar damage, only 1 attack per round, low AB, medium AC, medium hp, low discipline, no feats.
    Summon 6-9 are naked dwarves.

  • Admin [DM]

    Made adjustments to Summon 3 and 5

    Summons 6-9 were not added until v6226. They should not be naked dwarves any more. Please report if otherwise.

    Not sure why Summon 1 was a naked Dwarf. Resref matches script -... will test again.

  • Admin [DM]

    Fix attempt made for Summon 7 (typo in script)

    8 & 9 are still bugged

  • Admin [DM]

    @Miss_Behaviour said in Summon Theme: Constructs:

    Summon 1 is a naked dwarf.

    8:22 PM] Echo the Merciless: ok guys
    [8:23 PM] Echo the Merciless: I just watched DoctorDeth summon a mechrat
    [8:23 PM] Echo the Merciless: so I dont know why you're seeing naked dwarves!

    Summon 1 is a mechanical rat. it worked fine 30 minutes prior to this post.

  • I'm out of action for the next few days, so won't be able to test this.

  • Admin [DM]

    any further testing on these since I updated them?

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