Summon Theme: Celestials

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    Server Version: 6225
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    Summon 1 has 1-2 -4 damage. It's useless.
    Summon 2 has 1-2 -1 damage. It has 8hp. Far too weak.
    Summon 3 is fine. Slightly stronger than most summon 3 themes because it has 2 attacks per round.
    Summon 4 has 10hp, 1-2 -3 damage and +3/-2 AB. Has +damage abilities, so I assume it's not a mage. Has no spellcasting feats if it is.
    Summon 5 has 10 AC and 14hp. Far too weak for a melee summon.
    Summon 6 is fine. Possibly too strong as it has Imp Knockdown, 3 attacks per round and 2d6 sneak attacks.
    Summon 7 is okay, but it seems to just spam lightning bolts. Doesn't have any feats to indicate it's supposed to be a mage.
    Summon 8 is very strong. Has 1-10 + 12 +2d6 +1d8 damage, high AB, high AC, high hp and great cleave. May need to be nerfed slightly to bring it in line with other 8th circle summons.
    Summon 9 is a naked dwarf.

  • Admin [DM]

    I'll tackle these next

  • Admin [DM]

    Entire theme reworked
    Please test and advise

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