Quest: Wyrm Cave traps, dialogue, and boss spawn

  • Area name: ZQA: Moonsea Ride: Wyrm Cave
    Issue Location: n/a
    Quest Name: Wyrm Cave
    Store Name: n/a
    NPC Name: Alicia Glimmerstoke
    NPC Location: Outside ZQA: Moonsea Ride: Wyrm Cave
    Server Version: 6225
    Screen Shot: (first trap and dialogue) (second trap)
    Time: n/a

    Issue Description:

    1. "lose" should be "loose" in the quest dialogue.

    2. Trap triggers in the quest don't result in anything.

    3. Boss didn't spawn the first time through, but two fire elementals did. When left the final room and came back a second time the boss spawned with three more fire elementals. I noticed the boss also didn't spawn for me the first time on the Infested House quest, forcing me to leave and re-enter the area which spawned a few more pixies and the boss.

  • Admin [DM]

    Should be resolved

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