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    Adrian spends a good amount of his time inside the library researching clues that could lead him to find a correlation between the riddle below and a location. He gathers the most ancient maps of Cormyr he can find, as well as dictionaries to narrow down possible transaction errors

    "Atop the reach of the world within the clouds, the zephyr shall be safeguarded at the tip of the spear."

    He focuses on geography maps, very high mountains, towers, or even known construction that could still be standing even after 1.000 years. In particular, he researches about "High Horn", Storm Horn's tallest mountain.

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  • Storyteller [DM]

    The librarian assisting Adrian informs him that the High Horn is far from being the highest mountain in Faerun. It has been explored well enough to know there are not much in the way of ancient construction on the mountain, that are know of course. It has been one of the only two easy mountain pass of the Storm Horns for centuries.

    After some digging, the librarian hands him a tome describing some of the tallest peaks in Toril. Many obscure names from faraway places are in the tome and you dismiss then immediately.

    A few peek your interest:

    • Mountains of Forgotten Dreams in Zakhara, standing at 5000 ft.
    • The The Starspire Mountains of in eastern Tethyr have their heighest peak standing at 7,200 ft.
    • Mount Speartop in the Cloud Peaks of Amn standing 14,500 ft. above sea level.
    • A-Ling Shan, a mountain range located in the Hordelands (also known as The Endless Wastes) ranges from 17,000 to 24,000 ft.
    • Another, in the Hordelands, Shan Karsha, the dominant peak of the Teyla Shan mountain range, stands at 14,331 ft.
    • The highest peaks of the Earthspur Mountains, sometimes named the Giantspike Mountains or the Dragonspike Mountains, a great mountain range in north Faerûn, can reach up to 4 miles high.

    The librarian informs you that the highest mountains in the world, unlike some claims that its the Spine of the World, are the Yehimal Mountains, an immense mountain range that forms the primary barrier between the three continents of Zakhara, Faerûn, and Kara-Tur. The mountains there range in height from 15,000 ft. to an astonishing 30,000 ft.

    He informs him that finding any ancient landmarks would takes some time to gather, however.

  • Admin [DM]

    *Adrian thanks the librarian and with the seven possible mountains he tries to narrow his search by correlating the region and possible dragon inhabitants.

    At the end he just removes two mountains from his list:

    • Mountains of Forgotten Dreams.
    • Shan Karsha.

    In another attempt to filter the remaining five locations Adrian focuses on the color/type of the dragon could inhabit those mountains based on their natural geography.

    • Mount Speartop (White).
    • Yehimal (?).
    • Starspire (Red).
    • A-Ling Shan (White).
    • Dragonspine Mountains (White and Red).

    Starting with Mount Speartop he widens his research material using even rumors, tales or poems of that location that could indicate either unusual dragon-activity, type, or mention of ancient buildings. If nothing catches his attention he goes down the list one by one thoroughly.

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