New DM Factions: House Ebonhawk & House Silverhorn

  • Following the news of Lord Hawklin falling ill, both of the flourishing houses that have recently expanded to Arabel find themselves in a unique position to gain power for their family...

    These are DM supported factions. All members of the house will receive DM supported faction equipment. All members of the noble house (Titled) are app only. (Retainers, Stewards, Noble Family, Etc.)

    House Ebonhawk

    Patron: Waukeen

    Head of Household: Darstan Ebonhawk

    History: House Ebonhawk made their fortune recently by profiting off the Shade war. Through well protected trade routes, they were able to be the most reliable provider of supplies to the front, rendering them invaluable and extremely well paid.

    House Ebonhawk has come to Arabel after assuming some of the Mertoi's land for a modest fee, looking to capitalize on the expansion of their reach.

    House Silverhorn

    Patron: Hoar

    Head of Household: Sir Altowin Silverhorn

    History: A house well known for their military tact, Sir Altowin Silverhorn recently proved that is a title well earned. During the recent shade conflict, his ability to lead a squadron of elite purple dragons to flank the Empire won a pivotal battle that lend to the eventual victory for Cormyr.

    House Silverhorn has come to Arabel seeking to ensure the oft troubled port city is well guarded; All while quietly assuming a role as the City's unspoken protectors.

    NOTE: If you wish to app to join one of these houses and would like to know more, PM me on discord!

  • Admin [DM]

    House Silverhorn is closed due to IC events.