Retcon: Buugir & The Vomit Forge

  • Hi CoAers,

    Due to recent events involving "The Vomit Forge" the Admin team voted and decided it was best if we retcon ALL events in relation to Buugir and "The Vomit Forge".

    We do not wish to punish any one involved, but we do want to ensure that certain roleplay boundaries aren't crossed so that all of our players feel they can enjoy CoA in a safe environment from an OOC perspective.

    If your player was involved in "The Vomit Forge" and you have any questions on how to handle it, or if you have questions as a player who interacted with them how best to go about it, feel free to message me!

    For all intent and purpose, they never existed and no such events occurred.

    Happy Gaming!

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