[Closed] App-less Week November 12 and November 20

  • Admin [DM]

    App-less Week

    Between November 12 and November 20 we'll have an app-less week!

    There are some restrictions because we don't want a server of Half Dragons 😉

    • To keep the server balanced, we will have two tiers. Tier One will be fully non app character creation in which you just need to contact a DM to set up, where as Tier Two will require a small mini app to confirm goals/background for DM approval and some limits will apply.

    • We hope most player look to the Tier One options. This character MUST BE your main and we also wish to remind to players that if the character is inactive for a period of time a re-app will be required.

    • New PCs only

    • Combining more than 1 perk will require an app, this can be checked with a DM when you work out your concept.

    • You may send any 'mini' apps or formal applications for more powerful perks to any DM.

    • If a DM says no to your idea, it means no. You cannot go to another DM and ask them, this also no "reapping" if a DM has said no to it.

    Tier One

    Militia Private
    Lycans - limited to Rat and Wolf
    Gensai ( Fire, Earth, Air, Water )

    Tier Two

    Other Lycans ( Croc, Boar, Cat, Bat, Spider )
    Gensai (Ooze, Ice, Magma, Steam, Dust, Smoke)
    Militia Sergeant
    Special items could be acceptable on creation as well, within limits with mini app.

    Restricted ( normal app or EiG ) -

    Lycan – Bear, Panther and Tiger
    Special Races option ( Drow, Gray Dwarf, Deep Gnome, Fey'ri )
    All Special Positions including Official Clergy (EiG)
    Blight Druids
    PRC (EiG )

    Note: All app creations must be registered with a DM before going live IG! This is so we know WHO the new app characters are and so we can set them up if need be. We're looking forward to your creations.