The fires of rage burn

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The DM team performed the necessary rituals and released me from the basement, To rage freely around the server as a Storyteller,

    I'll be looking to run plots and assist people with stories based around Arabel and the region, So no Moonshaes stuff from me

    In the next day or so I'll post times i'm available to be booked to assist with things, Posess NPCs for you to talk to and shake things up a bit

  • DMs

    It's mostly my fault really. I'm too nice and needed someone to be my angry persona. As Skuffy said, bottom of the barrel really.....

    Welcome to the Team!

  • Someone bring the chocolate; I'll bring the marshmallows. We'll make smores!

  • DMs

    What have we done... what have we unleashed? The Final seal is broken, the rage is set free.