Campaign Style Events

  • Folks, I have a lot more freetime again. I am probably too busy to just "DM" and run random events like I prefer, but I would have time to set aside a specific day and time once a week to run more of a story based campaign.

    This would probably be a -

    Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday EST evening 6-10

    If people are interested, just let me know what time slot works for you. I'll then try to network with the people who can make a particular time, and we'll talk out what all we'ld actually do with the time.

    My thought is just roll up some new characters and explore some server history or mystery, but I'm open to telling any kind of story people think would be interesting or fun to do.

    New players are totally welcome too, so if you have friends on other servers or who you want to introduce to the game--this would be a great path to do that.

  • I can work out any date, as long as I know which date two weeks in advance to tell to my manager. But I'd like to join.

  • If you're doing evening EST I could possibly make most of those. Would prefer Monday night's, but it's not a requirement and I'm down for just about anything else too.

  • That time also works for me, but I usually don't have entire 3+ hours to play straight. If It's something around 2 hours or so, count me in!

  • Mondays and Thursday are perfect! Time also. (just need a few days head's up if we start at 6 so I can finish earlier that day)

  • Admin [DM]

    I'd make a PC just for this!

  • Alright, interested parties, let's meet in Discord on Monday, October 1rst in the channel Monday_Campaign.

    There we can work out all the details about what we want so I can get planning.

  • Depending when you guys meet up, I may be late. Provincial elections today and I have to go do my duty after work (bleeehhhh.....) But should be there in the evening no problem.
    Don't wait up.

  • Ack, for some reason I said six on here when I meant SEVEN because I like to be able to eat dinner.

  • Well, Minion and I hashed out some thoughts in Discord, anyone else interested? Let me know, maybe we can roll up a start next Monday at 7 PM EST.