Bring Out Your Dead!

  • Admin [DM]

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    Hello everyone. The House of the Dead is now an open faction for players to join.

    The Mausoleum's role in the city is a simple, but necessary function. The vast majority of its members handle the city funerals, annotate births and deaths, and handle the tedious work of wills and testaments in accordance to the laws of the nation and city. For all intents and purposes, this function is handled by NPCs.

    However, certain tenants and obligations that the Lords of the Dead must meet, namely- the orderly transition of one's life into the eternity of death, requires aspects of martial might, curious and capable individuals, and talented souls. To maintain the sanctity of death, those who are tasked with fighting the blasphemous or cursed must be fielded, and these people often manifest as faithful adventurers.

    Granted scarce resources- often being forced to go so far as to purchase their own supplies, the Arabel Mausoleum provides meager benefits to its denizens. Viewing the task of serving death as an obligation whose rewards will be granted in the next life, the thankless life of putting down necromancers, undead, and strange aberrant magics that prolong life is often a short one, with only the promise of eternal salvation and a guaranteed place at the hands of the gods they served the assured benefit.

    That isn't to say it isn't completely without benefits. Expert craftsmen, holy men, and magicians walk the powerful faiths of the Dead Three, making available gear (at purchase, or earned) to aid them in their tasks, or to line their own pockets with gold to further fulfill their duties. More than one scriviner has acquired vast wealth from the plundering of the undead and the resources of a necromancer, and many whom proclaim to serve the Mausoleum are little more than legitimate tomb robbers. However, the Church tolerates such individuals as long as they keep their hands off tombs that /paid/ for the protection, instead of practically inviting the House to get involved by spawning undead. Others join the House to fulfill a righteous quest to purge the world of undeath, and the House maintains a small chapter of independent Paladins and Warriors, of whom the Pallid Mask recruits from once they prove themselves as adept and capable individuals, granting them additional equipment and authority to carry out their duties. More sinisterly however, is the rumor of a coven of necromancers that serves the House of the Dead- serving entirely in an adviserly role assuredly- and not waiting to hand out the secrets of the Dead and aid aspiring Pale Masters who would further the cause of death...right?

    Regardless, the House is filled with a coterie of individuals and groups with a common cause and a united vision: To understand death, and further the cause of the Grave. This mission statement is often left to individual interpretation, but is often seen as:

    1. To spread the understanding of death and convert others to its faith.
    2. To provide services for the transitioning of life into death (funerary, fulfillment of last wishes, at a cost, of course).
    3. To put down troublesome undead or those who would mock their appointed hour by prolonging their life by unnatural means.
    4. To prepare for the End of All Things.

    It's doors are now open- do you enter the House of the Dead?


    Application: None to join, an application may be requested to fulfill specialist roles in the faction, such as a Pallid Mask Crusader, a Skulker of Myrkul, or other, unique positions.
    Alignment: Lawful may find it easier.
    Deities: The Dead Three are most common, however, any god with ample reason can join. Racial gods of death will also be welcome (Urogalan, Sehanine, Dumathoin, etc...)
    Race Requirements: None, as death comes to all without preferences.