Prelude: A Delightful Hunt

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Deep in the Hullack forest, a cry howls out amongst the most dominant lycans remaining, following the demise of the Albino Werewolf... Many stake their claims to superiority, as battles rage on... The lycan clans that once stood under a united superiority, now splintered.

    In the surrounding regions of the Hullack, this bloodshed has led to more innocents being infected than ever in recent years... Many lycans, unable to prove their might, seek to take advantage and even those most savage find themselves in civilized villages...

    One so in particular, who delights in a true hunt...

    Players will awaken in an unfamiliar area, confused about their surroundings... Trapped. Through out the prelude, players who survive will learn more about why they were captured, who is hunting them, and perhaps much more... This will lead into a persistent plot line coming soon to an Arabel near you.

    Here are some OOC notes or FAQs if you will...

    • PCs that are attacked by the lycans (NPC or PC) can be infected, but there will be a few Moonlight potions in the maze to instantly cure lycanthropy in the early stages should the PCs choose to do so. Finding one of these may be difficult and there will be time constraints...

    • PCs that escape but are infected roll a d3 to determine lycan type between werewolf, wererat, werespider.

    • This will be a very dangerous event for various reasons! All sorts of creativity through roleplay is encouraged.

    Contact Bowser on Discord if you wish to learn more.

    Planning to run this March 31st, Next Saturday... Time TBA

  • Storyteller [DM]

    A reminder for clarity that preludes are NEW PCs ONLY

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