So...You wanna be good eh?

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I am introducing a new plot faction:

    The Cult of Sariel.

    There are more details on the forum, but here is a rough OOC list of what to expect.

    1. You serve an Angel known as Sariel, who is believed to be the Angel embodying 'pious service.'
    2. Sariel acts as an intermediary between you and the gods during the Silence. His words are considered to be the same as the will of the gods.
    3. Sariel's will is known through the NPC Josiah The Elder, a pious looking old man with a white flowing beard and white robes.
    4. Sariel's followers believe that he will let them bypass the judgment of Jergal and climb Mount Celestia directly into the domains of their respective gods (or into the arms of Sariel himself).
    5. The favor of Sariel is earned by performing good and confronting evil. Sariel prefers a hopeless battle doomed to defeat to submission/compromise to evil, for the spirit of good is the spirit of sacrifice, and those who value their lives more than the precepts of good and martyrdom are unworthy of the Kingdom of Goodly Gods.
    6. Cultists believe they are 'Enslaved to Heaven' and that being a servant of heaven means giving up their free will to the will of the gods.

    What is allowed:
    Non-Druid (on creation, you can be converted). No Paladin (on creation, you can be converted). Good alignments vastly preferred. Clerics need to clear their concepts with me. This is mostly to make sure you understand what you'd be doing IG as a messenger of Sariel.

    1. You will not have a base. You need to earn that.
    2. On-Creation people get the uniform, they need to earn a base before the uniform opens up to recruits. You can dye your shit though.
    3. You do not have to PvP as the Spirit of Good only requires you to confront evil and call it out, and remain unmoved from the position of the righteous- however, this concept carries with it the possibility of being targeted. Please keep this in mind, you will not be safe from evil in this faction, as they will have every reason to target you. I expect people to handle this maturely.

    If interested, find me on Discord with the PC you want to join the cult with. There won't be a prelude, I will set you up individually once I clear the idea. If you want to apply for something special, apply through standard app processes.

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