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    Racial Abilities:

    +2 Strength
    +2 Constitution
    +2 will
    +4 AC versus Aberrations (Natural, and will not stack with barkskin)
    5/+1 Damage Reduction
    Immune to disease/poison.
    Immune to Sleeping
    Underwater Breathing
    Cannot use Heal Kits, only Repair Kits (Requires CRAFT ARMOR. Can be bought from Factory or found ambiently.)
    Can only be raised/resurrected at the factory (or PC clerics of Gond), or via raise dead/resurrection scrolls.

    Favored Class: Fighter
    Druids are not allowed

    Warforged may or may not retain their memories before creation.

    Many Warforged have adopted the late Lord Malcolm Hardcastle as their father, considering the late Lord a chosen and/or Saint of Gond. A view many Gondites too share.


    The creation of the Warforged took place during the year 1395 in the city of Arabel, at the hands of numerous persons. Tasked with the necessary research, the Thayan Embassy achieved their purpose at the hands of one Senior Magus Roark, whose interest in the nature of souls drew the ire away from the more quiet developments taking place inside of Kanthea's Tower and inside the factory itself. The discovery of "Marrolinium", named after Senior Retainer Bastian Morrow at the hands of Kanthea's Late Apprentice, Elyan Mathys, enabled the human-like metal alloy to be developed and mass-produced and permitted Lord Hardcastle to create the perfect body for Warforged. Finally, through the dark interests of Lord Manzahar in anatomy and the desecration of human bodies via autopsy and necromancy provided to Hardcastle in order build the warforged as close to human as possible, mimicking the image that Chauntea gave unto man and envisioned in his own lens of genius (or hubris). A superior body, a superior form- made by man, the artifice of man, The Warforged.

    Viewed with abhorrence by druids and clergy of the gods of nature, the Warforged were swiftly condemned by those who live in harmony with the world around them. Yet, those who praise the Artifice of Gond see them as the heights of human potential that can be achieved through the masterful craft of the Creator. The faiths of knowledge generally embrace the Warforged as well, but the faiths of Magic, such as Mystra, appear to be of two minds, on one hand- the potential eternal memory of an undying body prevents the rediscovery of old magic by future generations at the same time prevents the need to rethread over paths that were already walked. It has split the community of magic down the middle as the word of the Warforged spreads. The faith of Tempus seems divided on the topic as well, as they are in most things. Some openly condemn the Warforged, and encourages their followers to attack them in the street, viewing them as little more than weapons that have gain sentience, and seek to rebel against the warriors who would wield them. Others embrace the Warforge as man's culmination for its namesake- WAR.

    Initially, every Warforged was made through secret rituals in the Hardcastle Factory. However, in recent times, Warforgeds have begun to appear throughout Cormyr, and their appearances spread at large to the realms. Their mysterious appearances coupled with their similar design lead many to suspect that Hardcastle bestowed the knowledge of their creation to close confidants throughout the realms and willed that they ensure his legacy is immortal- something no Obraskyr can overturn. These warforged, however, unlike the original, do not possess their memories of a past life, often wondering, "Who am I? Why was I created? What is my purpose? Where do I belong?" And the eternal search for these answers leads Warforged to what they consider to be the cradle of their birth, Arabel.


    The Warforge's artificial nature also gives them a unique relationship to pain- avoiding it as it means troublesome repairs to be conducted later. Healing magic works on the Warforged, but deeper, underlying problems cannot be restored and require professional aid by those familiar with their systems. A spell that can replace limbs/organs cannot replace Warforged limbs/pieces. Nor will raise dead/resurrect resolve the core reason for warforged termination (head removal, for example) and require a Gondar cleric of high rank to fix. It also means they do not need to eat, drink, or breathe. Likewise, The Warforge do not need sleep. However, daily maintenance is necessary for functioning- which every Warforged instinctually knows how to conduct.

    Warforged are physically impressive humanoids made up of magically enchanted materials and can be fashioned in the shape of any humanoid, but humans are by far the most common. The "skin" of the Warforged is made of flexible metal alloys. Beneath said metal skin lie the skeleton which is rumoured to be made out of Rosegold, and then the "musculature" of the Warforged is made up of a strange organic alloy known as Marrolium. Throughout the warforged bodies are vessels resembling the circulatory system of organic creatures, complete with a blood-like fluid that acts as pressure valves to aid in the facilitation of movement. The arms of a Warforged end in hands with two fingers and a thumb while the feet of the constructs are likewise two-toed. The faces of Warforged are simple and vague in their features, with few distinguishing characteristics- often, Warforged begin to adorn/decorate their body to be able to further differentiate themselves as time progresses.

    Typically, Warforged are strong, sturdy- and slightly clumsy. Their worldviews are as varied as humanity.


    While the original Warforged often retain their memory and identity (and even then, cases existed of such things vanishing), any Warforged created after the disappearance of Lord Hardcastle have lost their memory- which some believe implies it was done on purpose. Many struggle with the loss of their identity, often leading to depression and violent mood swings as they struggle to cope with their nature and new existence. Sometimes, they become champions of the downtrodden or satisfy their petty grievances at becoming something they cannot recall a reason for becoming at using their physical superiority and untiring physique to lord over mortal races. Others seclude themselves to master a skill or craft, drowning themselves in the act of creation.

    By and large, however- Warforged set themselves a goal in good time- something that will take centuries to accomplish. To create something perfect and will stand the test of time is the most common.

    Relations with other Races

    Most races look at the Warforged with mixed feelings. Races, who feel closest to nature such as elves, halflings, and fey, reject their existence and often refuse to cater to them and discriminate- though it rarely evolves into feelings of destruction. Druids believe them to be wholly unnatural, representing the worst aspects of innovation in the removal of oneself from the natural cycle though, again, there are degrees of emotion regarding this. The more militant will often drive away Warforged from their forests and groves, while the more peaceful and placid will simply offer them the safety of rest, but ask them to leave in good time. Warforged feel closest to half orcs, tieflings, and aasimar- who share their feelings of being discriminated- for wherever the Warforged go, it is often to a larger commotion and fuss by the commonfolk, who believe them some sort of demon.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Warforged use metallic skin colors on their models. They can use any equipment other players use unless otherwise specified or incredible common sense should dictate otherwise.

    • Warforged are not robots, or androids, or computers. Please keep this in mind. They are sentient constructs, with the soul of a (previously) mortal race. They have feelings, they have thoughts like any mortal race does.

    • Roleplay them however you wish; Every Warforged has their own take on their artificial nature, but always consider the above point. You may think you are a machine, or an animatron, but that will not change what you actually are.

    • Not all Warforged retain their memory. This is up to you if you want to play one, if it remembers it's past life or not.

    • Some warforged have a Ghulra mark on their forehead; Usually the mark of their creator. This can be anything you like. Hardcastle built Warforged will most likely have a sigil of House Hardcastle, those built by others can have their maker's personal mark, or an organization's mark, anything you like. Warforged themselves may not even know where their mark comes from or who their Creator is, if that knowledge was removed.

    • No PC (Warforged included) know how to create other warforged, unless you discover this knowledge in game.

    • Warforged cannot "deactivate" or "standby" or "sleep". Even during maintenance, they are always conscious and active. Many Warforged pick up a hobby or a craft to numb themselves to the passage of time. This can be anything; From smithing, to fighting, to reading, to even counting everything they see; Be creative!

    • Warforged must use metallic (shiny) skin colors, and any head they like, including the "auto helmet" option ones.

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