The City Council

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    The City Council

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    The City Council is not a council by tradition means, instead it is the acting advisory group for the current Warden of Northern Cormyr, Lord Cuthbert Hawklin. Local Lords are automatically invited to voice their concern and views, however mostly they will not bother unless prompted by other members or if a topic they have an opinion upon arises. Other non-noble members are also allowed to bring forth suggestions and ideas for the running of the city, but must convince as many members as possible before the Warden will consider the idea. Law changes is a popular debate within the Council, whilst defenses or important messages from Suzail or the war is too shared within the Council.

    Council Members are made by personal invitation from Lord Hawklin, the Warden holds the right to revoke the invitation whenever and do not need to justify his action.

    Privileges of a Council Member

    • May attend Council meetings
    • May access Council files
    • May debate in the Council meetings and files
    • May bring proposals to the Council's attention
    • May vote on proposals within the Council

    City Council Rules

    • The Warden's decision is final
    • The Warden may invite anyone he chose to the Council
    • A formal invitation to the Council can either be accepted or rejected by letter only
    • Council Members must announce their absence from the Council during prolonged periods
    • Council members must announce their departure from the Council by letter only
    • Undermining the Council's efforts will be considered as an act of treason
    • Espionage upon the Council will be considered as an act of treason
    • Only Council members may attend Council meetings
    • Repeated disrespect towards the Warden, local nobility or any Council Member will result in removal from the Council
    • Matters of National Threats will be handled at once through Emergency Meetings
    • The Warden must attend all Emergency Meetings


    Proposal - Minimum of three days debate within the Council Files.

    • Only members of the City Council may propose topics within the Council.
    • The Warden has the right to dismiss proposals deemed inappropriate.
    OOC: Minimum 3 RL days from time posted on the forums before voting begins

    Voting - Minimum two days and maximum one week may be spent voting within the Council Files.

    • All Council Members may vote on any proposal, indifferent Council Members will remain silent.
    • Council Members may approach other members to gain their support.
    OOC: Minimum 2 RL days time of voting before being submitted for review

    Submittion - The Warden reviews the Council's proposal.

    • The Warden's decision is final.
    • The Warden will aim to make a decision within a week
    • Unity within the Council will be considered a stronger vote.
    OOC: The DM team will aim to make a decision within one RL week from the time of submittion

    OOC: Characters who are not of Cormyrian Nobility can only enter the City Council by invitation from Lord Cuthbert Hawklin. This is not a faction and cannot be apped to enter.

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