[Prelude] Escape from The Shadovar...

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    Chained in the mines of the Anarauch, the Shadovar have ruled your people for generations. New blood is introduced as the Mine's master purchases fresh blood from across the lands to fill the blood-soaked mines of Jilnarn's Peak.

    However, the Dark War has kindled in your hearts a burning passion for revenge. Tools go missing, food is stashed away even as hunger gnaws at your bellies. You trade signals and letters- soon...the rebellion comes. Soon, you will fight for your freedom.

    You fight as one, or die as dogs in a forgotten mineshaft of Jilnarn's Peak...


    You're a slave belonging to a mine on the southern side of the Scimitar Mountains. The mine you work in is a Mithril Mine where a clan of dwarves used to settle in before the Shadovar "Purchased" the rights to the mine, and since then used slave labor to extract the valuable ore.


    None, Red Shirts are welcome. This is a Perma Death Prelude, aka- if you die, you're dead. You may roll a side pc for this. However, if you intend to let this be your main, let me know, I will try and create a bit of leeway for your PC.

    Your PC will be as involved in the metaplot as you want to be.

    [Subject to change: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20171210T16&p0=2119&msg=Escape+from+Shade&font=cursive&csz=1 ]

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