• [A Royal Scout enters the library and politely asks the librarians of they have any information on hags. From the different types of hags to their ways of life, what territory they occupy in the region and any weakness they may have. He briefly explains that this is to aid in the case of the missing children and that he could do with any aid he can get to stop the hags and bring back the kids.]

  • [Fignar wanders by while doing his weekly readings, peeking over his golden reading glasses he tosses the ranger a book after over hearing his request] Bloody look around before botherin' the bloody feckin' librarians lad! [He goes back to reading his romantic halfling novel]

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    Hags - What To Know
    By Watcher Eagus Kamon

    Hags are a type of fey that roam the land, offering tempting and powerful pacts to those who would damn themselves (or have themselves bound to their service). They are powerful casters, though as with other fey, there is a good chance that they are weak to the properties of Cold Iron and fire, though some carry an innate resistance to spells. They are clever, and understand how to manipulate people, in and out of combat. Steel your mind against what they say, and images they may conjure to dissuade or entice.

    All hags have a frighteningly horrific appearance that can cause you to recoil or hesitate in the middle of combat, and the power to gaze at a man and make them feel less, taking the strength out of their arms. Be wary of these abilities when combating a Hag, as they can leave you lethargic, and encumbered. Some also utilize damage-resisting skins and retributive shields, so remember elemental shielding or dispel items to strip their protective wards. Hags are also known to have a natural hate for (but are drawn toward) things or people of beauty, covetous and jealous of their existence.

    Hags are sometimes known to form covens and alliances of fancy. In these covens they can perform foul group rituals and pool their power and resources together. If attempting to bargain or parley with a Hag, remember that they are cunning and deceptive, but also ambitious and greedy, their lust for power is matched by their love of beautiful items, either to destroy or corrupt. They enjoy making deals, though will always spin them such so that they benefit far more (as any pact-being would attempt!) be wary, as Hags have been known to places Geas's and Bonds on people, blackmailing them into service.

    Types of Hag:

    Generic Hags: Hags are known by their wart covered skin, taloned fingers, rotten teeth and more than often crooked backs. They stand a foot taller than your average man or woman, and are known to be powerful spellcasters. They use necromantic spells, so prepare negative energy protection to shield yourself from not only powerful negative energy rays and bursts, but from the curses they are known to bestow. Hags are usually found in foul places, favouring places they can hide away from civilization though not so far away as to not be able to prey upon travelers and wanderers who come their way.

    Night Hag: The mix of a regular hag and a fiend, these horned fiends are similar to regular hags, except they possess dark skin and burning red eyes. Not much else is known about them, though some have sworn that they see such beings invading their dreams, but many myths are born of dark imaginings.

    Sea Hag: Characterized by their seaweed-like hair, seemingly always wet, Sea Hags as their name suggest, usually hang around large bodies of water, making their lairs in the coves nearby. Sea hags are known to gorge themselves on all they find, and their talons are wickedly sharp. They are noticeably more terrifying-looking than other hags, and utilize their horrific gaze more often than others.

    Green Hag: Characterized by their green skin, are hags that dwell near swamps and rivers. They similarly use their mimicry to lure children into their lairs to be devoured, and bones used in dark, necromantic rituals. They are known to masquerade in different forms, so be wary of strangers in areas where hags have been sighted.

    Hagspawn: The foul progeny of a Hag, these male hags are large and brutish (in comparison to their regular counterparts), with long muscular arms. They favour real combat over spellcasting, though still carry some supernatural abilities that regular hags possesss. Hagspawn can be of any race, though it is usually the evil and the depraved who would think of laying with such a creature.

    Surrounding Arabel, Hags have been seen in the following areas:

    Steel Isle - Sea Hags have been known to dwell there.
    Windfall Isle - Sea Hags have been known to dwell there.
    King's Swamp - Green Hags have been known to dwell there.
    Hullack Forest - Green and Sea Hags have been known to dwell there.
    The Wailing Fog (within the Hullack) - Hags of all types have been found there, suspected covens as well.

  • [the man thanks Fignar even though he was rude and takes the time to make a copy of the tome]

    //thanks... Don't remember this ever being in the library. Must've missed it.

  • [Fignar is a well known asshole]

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    The Librarians kick out Fignar by hurling bad dwarven poetry at him for being such an asshole

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