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  • I'm bored: so here's a "Just for Fun" thing. If you could create any magic item for Arabel while keeping in the power level and limits of the NWN engine-what would you make?

    Say something like:

    Armor of Ghaunadar: Plate Mail +1, +3 vs Oozes, 5/-acid resistance

    This pale green armor was created by mad followers of Ghaunadar shortly after the drow were first exiled to the Underdark. The armor was given as rewards to drow who converted from the worship of their own dieties to that of the aboleth's. Since then, many of these suits of armor have been made and given out; but the followers of Lolth still take a keen interest in the annihilation of anyone seen wearing it.

  • I'm not totally sure if this follows any D&D rule (The golden part), but it's an idea. πŸ™‚

    Golden Katana
    +1 Enchantment
    +1d6 Sonic

  • Sword of Kossuth

    +1 Enchantment
    10/ Fire Resistance
    +2 saves v.s. fire

  • Maybe some specialty magical items limited to certain alignments/classes.

    Holy Sword of the Light +1
    Good Only.
    1d6 to Undead

    Evil Red Fire Sword of Bane.
    Evil Only.
    1d6 to Lawful Good.

  • Toss in a description you guys! Those are boring without a description. Be creative and have some fun.

  • Locked Plate

    Pioneered by Magus Ferentis Lucicio, the Locked Plate was designed as a tool to take advantage of the skills of those pesky do-gooders who constantly seemed to thwart his plots. Powerful, but vulnerable to the Enchantments he preferred, the armor has grown in popularity with those facing annoying fighters.

    Full Plate +1/Regeneration 1/Cursed (Remove curse, level 15 needed)/-3 Will saves

  • @Mr.Moloch:

    Toss in a description you guys! Those are boring without a description. Be creative and have some fun.

    Golden Katana. Made out of gold. πŸ˜‰

    I'll think up of a real one later.

  • The Hand of the Clock

    Mage's Staff

    The Hand of the Clock is a curious item, with the base tapered to an arrowhead, much as - well - one would find a clock hand to be. It journeyed out from Luskan in the hands of a Gnomish Explorer, who developed the interesting habit of being 'just in time' to lend a hand where needed.

    Haste (Level 9) 2/day, Slow (level 9) 2/day

  • Greatsword of envy:

    -1 CHA, +1 AB, +1 will save

    (big, gold, gaudy jewels, etc.)

    Crafted by the dwarven smith Goldy after many frustrating years of being taunted for his pathetic name, almost lack of a beard, and because he used longswords - which are smaller and less impressive than a dwarven waraxe. He created this sword to compensate for other areas in his life, granting him greater battle prowess and a thicker skin for insults - though it did not make his fellow dwarves like him any better.

  • Hammer of Doom
    Only useable by:Evil
    +5, does 500 damage if sucessfully makes contact with oppoent, (whoever weilds it has the favor of Bane)
    Discription: The Hammer of Doom was the most feared weapon throughout the Banite clergy. Over weilded it was said to hold Bane's favor. Because of this whoever poessed it was often in danger of being killed from his or her rivals. It was lost in the course of these clashs for control of it and has not been seen since.

  • Jalen's Jester's Guide - 1/day - Tasha's Hideous Laughter

    Filled with jokes, amusing ancedotes, tips on tumbling and dancing, and notes on how to coax a smile out of even the dourest noble, this book contains the notes of a lifetime of experience of Jalen, a court jester. Not above discreetly using magic to get a laugh from difficult subjects, he was unfortunately eaten by an ogre that found his taste funnier than his jokes.

  • Ring of Transferrance:

    Cast spell:
    Cure Critical Wounds, 3 uses per day*

    A very charitable priest, whose name is now long forgotten, had this ring crafted to better serve his flock. He decided that, rather than bother his busy deity, he would give his own life force to heal the injured. This ring allows for an amount of the user's life force to be transferred to the target of the spell, healing wounds by moving them to the user. It was discovered (too late for the selfless cleric - as he eventually killed himself by using the ring) that it can be used to heal ones own wounds if luck holds, through a strange power of good will that the ring holds in its metal, giving more power to the output of the spell than it took in in most cases.

    *Casts Inflict Moderate Wounds on caster at every use

  • Touch of Joy

    +1 whip, with minor electric damage (1d4)

    This tactful toy was created by a follower of Loviatar who felt more delight in gifting her targets with a sharp electric sting from her whip. This allows the wielder to get more satisfaction from the whip, as those on the recieving end are more likely to scream in agony over the sting of the whip, and the jolt of electricity.

  • Archer's Friend


    Designed by the elven archer Awlando Late-Bloom, the carefully pointed helm was crafted with the help of a druidic friend of his who, after taking the form of an eagle, realised that the sight possessed by one would assist Awlando.

    So, the helm was created. Focusing all the power of one's vision into a focused area, it allows for great skill with the bow - but woe betide the archer caught unawares.

    +3 attack bonus/Blind Fight feat/-2 Reflex saves/-1 AC

  • The Spinning Sword:

    Longsword, +2 AB, -1 DEX

    Special properties: 50% chance 3/4 bludgeoning dmg, 50% chance full slashing dmg.

    Where this odd sword was forged, none will ever know, but it is useful in many situations. When it is wielded, the blade (separately from the hilt) spins on its axis, giving the wielder a chance to hit his opponent with the side of the sword rather than the edge. When fighting enemies with extra protection against either edged weapons or blunt weapons, the user of this sword will not have to swird weapons to damage his opponent. The drawback to this weapon is that it is sometimes difficult to wield gracefully, as it is constantly spinning.

  • Chop Stick:
    Quarterstaff with a +1 slashing bonus

    This particular staff comes from the far off lands of Kara-tur where it was used by the renound cook, Phong Chong. His cooking skills were known all across the continent, second only to his temper. After unsuccesfully trying to pass on his cooking knowledge to his succesors, due to their lack of trying, he discovered that pain would make them learn faster. So he used this staff to encourage them to work faster.

  • Eyes of the Rogue - Helm, 25 charges
    -2 to AC, reflex saves, attack bonus

    Expeditious Retreat (1 charge)
    Cat's Grace (2 charges)
    Clairvoyance/Clairaudience (3 charges)
    Find Traps (3 charges)

    Originally developed by the wizard Eldamar, who grew tired of having to work with rogues who were constantly full of themselves, and swiping random minor magical items from him while he slept. Eldamar developed these unique spectacles to eliminate the need for "those damned trap-sniffers". The heightened senses were as much a curse as a blessing, as Eldamar walked directly into a bright green gelatinous cube while studying the patterns of cracks in a floor passage. This mishap has not deterred other mages from copying the design, however.

  • The Steinhammer
    +2 Warhammer, +1 bonus to all three craft skills, 1 point of Fire Damage

    The mighty runic forgehammer of the Dwarf Clan Steinhammer, relic of their ancestors and symbol of their power. Lost fifteen years ago when the clan's mountain home was raided by its enemies and the clan destroyed, with only a few survivors now scattered across Faerun, ever searching for the Steinhammer, for finding it is said to bring about the restoration of the clan.
    (heh, it was already a part of my character's background)

  • Windblade

    Greatsword +1
    +1d6 sonic
    Gust of wind 1/day
    only usable by Chaotic good/fighter/ranger/cleric

    A gift from Shaundakul to his followers, usually those who've performed some great feat, these blades are shaped from the winds themselves. As such, the blades' wielders have a bit of control over the winds….enough to call them up against foes at least.

    edit: pffft. I coulda gone with the shard of Shaundakul's greatword from the time of troubles....but that's +3 :p

  • Heh. Some folk might recognize this.

    The WindWalker

    Mace +1
    Cast Gust of Wind on hit

    Said to be crafted by from the iron of an old mineral vein deep within the forests of Myth Drannor, these maces are often times considered both a bane and a blessing by all but the most devoted of wielders.

    Any who have seen these mace's used in combat can atest to their ability to strike with the wrath of the diety it's named for, and those who have used the weapon and lived will testify that only a firm belief in the Rider of the Winds will protect those who wield his might from themselves.

    Edit: Cheeky Bastard! Mine exists, Mafer, therefore you must change your's.!

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