Changes to Scribe Scroll

  • Storyteller [DM]

    As of next reset, scribe scroll will, for the following spells, scribe a ranking scroll that is most similar to your level.

    Greater Magic Weapon (If you're below level 8, it will scribe a rank 5 scroll. If you're level 8+, it will scribe level 10 scroll, if you're level 13+ you will scribe a level 15 scroll.)
    Bless Weapon, 6 (6-9), 10 (10-16), 17(17+) requires appropriate levels as well.
    Flame Weapon Scribes level 3 scroll between levels 3-8. 9-16 for level 10 scroll, and 17+ for level 17 scribe scroll.
    Keen edge works the same way as GMW.

    If this is poorly explained, let me know and I'll try and do better.

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