Calling on players to help stop lag!

  • So, as most of you know, DM's get aggravated by what has been referred to as "litering", but based on comments I have heard from players the reasons are not exactly clear as to why. The reality is that leaving stuff on the ground does two things: It causes lag, and makes the server look sloppy.

    So, what does that mean? Well, that means that if you died to lag there is a very good chance that it was because someone left stuff laying on the ground somewhere. And any players that come to check the server out, be they returning or new, could possibly be turned off by the sloppiness of it all.

    So, no, it has nothing to do with us wanting you to use crappy loot, since chances are if you left it on the ground it was in the palette and took us a half a second to spawn. And, no, its not about us flexing our egos. It is however a desire to make the server a safer and more visually enjoyable place to play.

    Here's the rub though, short of punishing players for doing it (not something we want to do) we have no way of stopping it from happening. So, that's why I am asking you guys to help out. If you see someone littering, let them know that their laziness is making the server function at less then its capacity. If you see something laying on the ground and you aren't rushing off to do something, pick it up and take it to the trash. And if someone ignores you when you say "hey, that is ruining our playground" and continues you litter, let us know who they are so we can weed the bad seeds out.

    Thanks for the help guys, and know that every step you take toward ending this practice born solely from laziness is a step toward making the server a better place to play.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Basically, in the great archive of CoA scripts, there are scripts that check what items are in an area for us, and if certain items are there- perform certain functions.

    So, the more often it finds items, the more often certain scripts run.

    The more often scripts run, the more resources the game takes.

    The more resources, the more information needs to be sent between you and the server. Or it crashes the server.

    Eventually, there's just too much data in those copper wires for it to transmit efficiently, and your computer frames skip or jump a bit, or you might freeze and find yourself in the fugue later as your computer catches up with the server.

    Now, the argument that 'remains' do much the same thing as items so why is littering such a big deal-

    Well, it isn't. The scripts do not check for corpses/remains. It checks for ITEMS- which register completely different to the server and our scripts (okay, a few scripts check for them as well, but they don't do anything intensive).

    So, instead of creating NPCs that go around and pick up items (EVERYONE hates those, they also generate lag (just less than leaving the items on the ground)) or creating a function that wipes out items when a player is no longer in the area (this will suck since we'll have to create a new script that -

    1. checks for players in an area, and run it every hour or so.
    2. Create a script that places an exemption on DM dropped items so we can run plots and shit and have areas set up
    3. generate more lag to combat lag...)

    You can just stop littering.

    This isn't really a request. This is a dm explaining why it's bad, and that you will stop, and that there will be consequences if you do not. We'd rather not have to create countermeasures to this.

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