Slave Captain Available

  • Got something you have been working on and now need a dm to push forward? Captain Fantastic is your guy, by appointment only!

    I am making myself available once a week (possibly twice if i can) to help you guys do whatever events you want. Here's my collection of caveats:

    While I am perfectly willing to work the fringes of a on going plot, Its unfair for me to do anything too drastic with my limited time. So while things like "I want to go get the great orb of icecream to defeat the evil asparagus monster that threatens all of arabel" is perfectly fine, "I want to go kill the evil asparagus monster" is something a full time dm should do.

    Random stuff is welcome as well, as long as you have a plan ahead of time. So while "I want to go rob the candy store and this is how we are going to do it" is going to get you an event, "I want to rob the candy store" followed by nothing is going to get you the agonizing and painful question "Ok, how?" If you have done anything to involve others before coming to me, that is a huge bonus in my mind when thinking up loot, so please make me aware of that as well.

    Hope for a win, prepare for a loss. I'm not going to tell you your plan to blow up the docks in imersea is bad, I'm just going to laugh as you try and pull it off with your bad plan. I will however do my absolute best to make it fun no matter what the outcome is.

    I will obviously need a bit of notice. How much depends on two things. One how much set up I would have to do, and two how much whatever you are doing will effect things on the server since I will have to discuss that with the more active dms. For most stuff though, two days is fine. I can generally do whenever, as long as i have notice, an will know within two days if there are any conflicts with real life.

    So, if a slave dm for a few hours sounds like something you need, setting it up is easy. You can either PM me here, catch me when I am on irc (even though that's not that much), or pop into the discord room a few of us set up. The last is likely the most thorough method because I am on there most of the time, and we use the text function so don't worry if you hate voice chat. Just follow the blinking light:

    As for the chat room you are more then welcome to come hang out even if you don't have a event idea you want to discuss, just remember that its not server sanctioned and that means opinions flow a bit more freely. Civility is still the name of the game, but I don't put too much stock in political correctness or censorship. The good news is I have a separate tab for the difficult conversations so you can avoid political love/hate, memes, and other random stuff by simply not clicking on their tabs.

    So, in the immortal words of every gamer at some point, LMK!

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