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  • The forums are a great resource.

    However, I find I sometimes have challenges estimating and organizing time/work, for instance how long catching up on forums might take, etc.

    And just generally being able to organize information effectively.

    When I come to the forums after a long time away, it seems kind of like a rich, beautiful mess that is hard to decipher where to start looking in terms of ... what information to prioritize, etc.

    I am wondering what other people do to sort and prioritize information on the forums, to not lose track of important posts, and to be able to quickly catch up on the most important posts.

    For instance, I would like to be able to catch up on important posts from the dm's.
    So this is the announcements thread, right?

    I would like to catch up on some of the basic overview of storyline events going on... this would include things like 'latest rumours' and such, right?

    I appreciate that in my, say character diaries, I can hyperlink important threads to have somewhere to go to quickly find material I might need to reference, or might want to be able to refer others too... although I'm not sure it will always be... equally reasonable to make such links publicly accessible to the general forum...
    I guess I could send myself messages on the forum with the links or important contextual information. I believe the plot ticket thing has been ended/removed?

    Do people find the forums pretty accessible/useful right now? How can I phrase this question better? I guess the topic thread, I will repeat again- what do people find are the most efficient ways to use the forums? What are some ways to NOT use the forums? Top 3 tips to remember to get the most out of it while spending the least amount of time/ energy? When is it good to invest MORE time in the forums/posts etc? IE what do people consider 'high value' posts, worth spending more time and effort reading and making?

  • @ma1keru333
    I recently watched a netflix documentary called 'algorithms' which kind of primed my curiousity to think better about the HEURISTICS I use in my daily life to manage things better, etc. kind of like imperfect algorithms or 'shortcut routines and habits' that help to simplify work, that, as repeated habits, essentially help keep things manageable and allow continued evolution of learning to better adapt to various needs of work, life, projects, goals, in line with values but also very pragmatic.

  • i hate starting with bad habits and then noticing I'm evolving down a negative pathway... and then find after getting really... 'practiced' with certain things, needing to ... unlearn... a lot of bad habits.

    I am also reading a book called 'the power of habits', and one of the theories they shared is that you don't really 'unlearn' bad habits (or addictions)- most often people switch them up for better ones... chewing gum instead of smoking, talking to friends about your problems instead of getting drunk to deal with stress.

    A google engineer who wrote a book about 'joy' talks about 'slicing' life or bits of joy into 'smaller slices' and noticing them more, and I've noticed in my life... slowing things down and breaking things into... much smaller pieces... more regularly, perhaps... is a life strategy I'm interested in (in order to make sure to maintain healthy routines and habits, and also in order to create space to persist on much longer term goals, etc. I know this comes naturally for many people, for me this is something I'm trying to be more intentional about because it seems I tend towards not doing these things, when left to my own devices/ reactivity rather than goal and value based intention setting with planning etc)

    sort to rant a bit. probably a good time for me to get off the forums for tonight.
    thx in advance.

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