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  • The is not directed at any one person.

    So, I've been playing Elefson for a few months now. She was a Beorhtre babe for a while, treated people terribly and was oblivious to anyone's needs but her own. Pretty much how she is now. I heard nary a peep about her, good or bad, OOC she was just another character.

    Now I'm a guard. The same Elefson, The same bad disposition, and the same sense of entitlement she's always had. The big difference now is, if she engages people IG, I get OOC grief. Not a ton. Not so much I'd quit, but its there. In PMs, in Tells, In forum responses. All the sudden people give a shit about her behaviour on an OOC level.

    I'm not mad. I'm confused. I was hamstrung by the militia and s battlemage for WEEKS, but I knew it was all IC. Am I mistaken? Have I been playing the game incorrectly? Does busting balls now require DM oversight?

  • From personal experience of playing a guard it's one of the most OOC grief filled positions to have, it's why it use to be pretty strict with apps to make sure the player could handle it.

    The big problem is when the "law" steps in people feel that they have been screwed over, personally some times, even though everything might be done entirely ICly. This can take many forms, some of that is through OOC tells, PMs etc, rage-quitting, complaints to DMs. There's no one way that this can happen and even players which people thought were fine can suddenly feel that they've had things taken too far even if it was all done entirely IC. I am sure there is also a perception that modern day standards of the law should apply to a fantasy realm and what would be a completely different social structure, this can cause problems for people on a bad day.

    The Law factions have always had the most DM oversight for a reason, everything gets rigorously checked if it's going to have any real impact on the character other than a tiny footnote on some paper somewhere that few people are going to see and fewer people are going to remember. These same people who play guards will get bollocked at by NPCs ICly for any failures ICly and questions raised by a DM if there is an OOC problem.

    If there is a bad -player- among the Law factions they get removed very very quickly. A bad -character- is left to be handled entirely IC.

    So my thought is, if you got busted ICly, deal with it ICly. You shouldn't be sending OOC crap if you think there is a problem to the arresting officer, if you really do think their is a problem OOCly then raise it to a superior officer or a DM (as appropriate) who can look over everything.

  • Report this OOC behaviour. It should not be tolerated. Someone is unhappy about being searched because they have contraband or something inciminating? NOT YOUR PROBLEM. THEY SHOULDN'T CARRY SAID SHIT!

    This is their problem, report it because it's toxic as shit

  • As I said on irc the other day, a player should never take an IC issue to ooc, if this happens then please send one of us DM's a message with a screenshot of what has happened. Locking this thread and feel free to come and speak with me Papal if you need.

  • That goes both ways, you shouldnt be searching people for no reason or any RP build up as it effects their stories too unless you have good reason to do so.

    Report this OOC behaviour to the DM team, as it is toxic and is not tolerated.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Bans can and been handed out.

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