You folks are amazing - and you made my day.

  • So this is going to be a bit weird…

    It's been a very long time since I logged in here. Long enough that I didn't remember any of my old character names except for this one.

    I played Brutha, monk of Tymora, on this server quite a while ago. This was back in the day when Rocc & Vshar were the original two DMs. Rocc was the developer who built most of the server back then, and Vshar was his buddy and helped run the show.

    I'd find it hard to believe there are any old timers still kicking around, but if there are... you may remember my other 'character' name, I was the first extra DM that Rocc & Vshar brought on board. I used the name Neruke back then. I remember when Rocc asked me to join the DM team, he brought my character (Brutha at the time) over to the cemetery and showed me the gravestone he had setup for Brutha. (That probably sounds more drastic or harsh than it was, it was quite an honour at the time - still is.) I even found a post of apparently the last time I stopped by and said hello on these forums. That was nearly a decade ago. I wish I could remember the password for the Neruke forum account, or had access to the email it's tied to. 🙂

    We put a LOT of work into the server back then, I even hosted it for a couple of weeks while we were switching servers. It does my heart good knowing that these forums are still up and running, AND ACTIVE, let alone the server itself. It's nice to think that The City of Arabel has stood up to the test of time.

    So for whatever it's worth, I just wanted to put up a post and say Thank-you to all of you that are still driving the DM nuts in the old City of Arabel, you really made my day.

    To the DMs: Wow,… just wow. I can't believe you've been able to keep this place running, you probably don't hear it enough, but thank you.

    Good luck folks, all the best to all of you. Especially any of the old timers that may swing by from time to time.

    • Brutha / Neruke / Thunrall

  • So I joined after you last said hello but… do come back! The server is getting more and more awesome!
    So many stories! So much fun to have!

  • Hey man! Thanks for making this place exist in the first place!

  • I'm pretty sure you ran recruitment events for Jessie, me and some other v2 players for the militia and House Fezznick in the way back. You were an awesome DM and really brought the whole RP thing to the forefront by bringing NPCs to life. (Before you I remember IRC being mostly about feature/scripting requests for Rocc and loopholes and cheating complaints for Vshar.)

    Good to see ya Neruke.

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