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  • A very valid point Lavish brought up in the improving player numbers thread is that it's very diffcult for new players to find the server with Gamespy being down for years.

    If someone artsy could create an advertisement for the server we could post it on the main NWN Facebook group and the NWN reddit and other places to try and bring in new players as well as encourage others to return.

    Things it should include are how to get the haks, How to get onto IRC, How to get new keys from GoG if needed.

  • Be good if Kotaku and like minded game websites picked up on it too. So far most people associate NWN with Sinfar >_>

  • We could certainly send a completed advertisement to these sites and invite them to try the other side of NWN, something to think on

  • What we previously found successful, in addition to the core elements required to play the game touched on above (HAKs, GoG), was highlighting what can be accomplished. You're trying to appeal to seasoned D&D players, so showcasing Arabel as being immersive and a platform where players and characters can and regularly do impact on the game world should be at the forefront of any advertisement.

    In addition, Arabel has in excess of ten years of unique player driven history it should be proud of and use as a carrot for people to contribute to.

  • It would be good to make sure any issues that have come up are fixed or looked into before doing so.

    Make sure we have a clear direction and all on the same page.

    Just a thought


  • Admin [DM]

    Feel free to post on various pages and invite your friends to come over, the DM team is full at speed in addressing bugs and much more. If you want any arty advice or media help, I am more than happy to help out.

  • This is more of a longshot, but try advertising on r/RPG or other similar subreddits. There could always be a few people on there who are interested in this kind of thing, and the NWN subreddit is dead as hell anyway. diversifying helps

  • Certainly worth a try. I'll write up some text on Wednesday and hopefully someone can do some nice artwork then if the DMs approve it, It can be posted in reddits and stuff

  • Yeah good idea, try to hit up some dungeons and dragons communities also

  • I would maybe consider approaching advertisement with a promotional offer; pick a point in time – maybe the climax or a major event in this Gnoll / Sembian War - and look to promote it so that players are logging in for a specific event, when they know something will be happening. And maybe sweeten the deal by providing a one-off booster to kick-start new characters. Really incentivise people to get involved again.

    You’ll need to personalise each advertisement for its target audience, so people on Facebook for instance aren’t going to read a wall of text and will probably find showcase screenshots more eye-catching, whilst on forums however you might be able to get away with a bit more detail.

    Maybe a bit longwinded, but something like the below might be an option, explaining the game, Arabel, its USP, and then try and rope them in with a promotion;

    _“Greetings gamers old and new,

    For the benefit of you not familiar with our server, City of Arabel is an immersive persistent world server hosted on the original Neverwinter Nights. Neverwinter Nights is a third-person roleplaying game produced by BioWare for your PC. Released in the Summer of 2002, fourteen years later it still provides an unrivalled platform for a unique, customisable game world where an emphasis on roleplay has ensured a loyal and consistent playerbase.

    In an effort to keep stride with modern alternatives, City of Arabel has developed various optional add-ons easily downloadable via the server’s custom HAK installer. These voluntary add-ons include aesthetic and content driven enhancements unique to the server, and, while not required to play, are recommended to fully appreciate the immersive experience City of Arabel has to offer.

    These add-ons serve to keep the game a fresh experience, whilst it's release date ensures the game is compatible and easily run on most modern computers and laptops. Players new to the game can download Neverwinter Nights from for £7.59 at ... nd_edition

    City of Arabel has been producing player driven stories for twelve years which has charted the rise and fall of valiant heroes and daring villains, enterprising merchants, politicians, as well as the heartbeat of any persistent game world, career adventurers. Set in the northernmost settlement of Cormyr, our unique story has deviated from the Forgotten Realms canon but retains some familiar characteristics from the source material.

    Present day Arabel is entering the Winter of 1395 and Arabel is again at the forefront of conflict. The neighbouring Dalelands are under siege of a monstrous Gnoll force beneath a Sembian banner, and with Cormyr launching a campaign against them the hostile host have their eyes trained upon the Caravan City of Arabel. Slowly, the Gnoll force has advanced across forest and field and are thought to soon be upon the gates of Arabel. You, gamers old and new, are invited to defend the City of Arabel in this one-off event designed to kick-start your character and set them up with everything they need for fun and excitement in the months ahead.

    Typically characters start at level 1 with modest equipment, this open event allows players to start a new character with a prelude intertwined with the current metaplot at level 4 with 1,000 gold to invest in supplies and equipment as desired. Please visit our forum at now to learn more about our setting, playerbase and current opportunities. Alternatively please make use of our dedicated DarkMyst IRC channel at #CoA and speak with any of our established playerbase or DM Team who will be happy to address any queries you might have.

    We look forward to seeing you soon.”_

  • Precept Arcanum

    I love Lavish's idea. Should we take it a bit further, opening a #JoinCOA channel on darkmyst, dedicated to on-boarding new and returning players? Add in the reworking of the Player resources section of the Forum, we could work at making the joining process easier.

  • If the DMs have interest in Lavish's suggestion I believe that the retaking of Highdale would be a good event to do this on.

    The #JoinCoA is a good idea as well, where new or returning players could get info and maybe guidance and shown around by a veteran

  • I've tried to promote CoA in several mediums. Hundreds of gamers in my area. I'd say go for it! I hope you have better luck than me!

  • Having a printable poster would be nice.

  • I like the idea of "A booster" for returning players.

  • To be honest if players need a "booster" to return then they will soon once more leave as soon as that novelty has worn off. Exposing the game and this server to new people is the key. Old players will come and go a dozen times.

  • A booster isn't a bad idea.

    It seems a common thing that currently the low level quests in the 1 to 4 range are not well recieved at the moment, A prelude that starts people off around level 4 with some plot hooks might certainly aid

  • Yeah, I think it's just about giving people every reason to come and play. Sure, some/most who take it up if any do won't stay around for the longterm, but every player that does is a success.

  • A prelude (different for each class?) is great. It equips lowbies. Gives a more immersive way to gain level two or three and sets a tone. Perhaps you were one of the people that attacked the caravan? You observed from afar and came in to finish off the remainders or loot the ruin, etc. I like this idea if it's feasible for our DMs to set up.

  • Not one for each class, But one for Anti Law to get established in Old Town and one for others, perhaps to get people up to speed on plots

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