The Builders Guild Reborn

  • Storyteller [DM]

    PM me if you wish membership into the forum. There are a number of areas we wish redesigned, from quests to hubs to exploration areas.

    Some rules:

    1. Please do not get offended if we take someone else's submission over your own. This isn't a competition, or by any means saying 'you're a better player.'
    2. Dm Team reserves the right to edit areas as they wish to fit their vision of the server.
    3. We need areas within a certain time frame. Please give us a time frame by when this area is done.
    4. What is said in the forum, stays in the forum. If you discuss what is being done openly there will be consequences, ranging from being removed to being forum banned.
    5. Do it only if you have fun messing around the toolset and impressing me with your artistic might!
    6. You will not be rewarded in game for anything you submit. This is purely volunteer work. Anyone who says "But I built this area man, throw me a bone," will find themselves adequately dealt with in the aforementioned fashion.
    7. Use only CoA haks.

    This said, we need builders, and there are number of things we want to look /better/ and if you think you can do it, please, again, PM me, preferably with a /SAMPLE OF YOUR WORK/ for the DM crew to view before we agree to accept your help.

    You can attach the .ERF file to the private message, I will load it into a module and make changes before making it available available for the team to view.

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