House Blacksilver

  • Jacaira searches for information on House Blacksilver. If asked why she would respond that she seeks to impress His Lordship's house-guest with a proper gift of song praising her House's glory.

  • House Blacksilver is an offshoot of the Silver family, though it is no longer considered a royal house due to the Silver blood being intermingled with those of lesser houses to a great extent.

    It is extremely wealthy and powerful. It has had several connections with prominent Houses. One of the most famous of these was their alliance with House Ammaeth; Maethe Blacksilver was wedded to Duke Bhereu Ammaeth, Lord High Marshal of Cormyr during the reign of Azoun IV. He later perished in the Abraxus affair.

    Dame Alatha Blacksilver currently resides as a guest of Lord Hardcastle, and is sworn in his service as well, hinting at another possible alliance.

    House Blacksilver is a member of the coalition who are currently petitioning for the replacement of the monarchy with a federated empire.

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