The Thayan Enclave [Closed]

  • _The Thayan Enclave

    Thay has had a long and seedy history in Cormyr. The latest incarnation of the Embassy was made possible by Malcolm Hardcastle, who used his considerable influence in allowing an enclave to be set up in Arabel. In return for this, Thay has supplied many favors to him, including funds, trade agreements and manpower, which were instrumental in the North's recovery after the cataclysm. Hardcastle is known to purchase slaves from Thay, setting them free and giving them jobs in his industry to work off their debt to him.

    Khazark Qa'sam has extremely lofty ambitions, which possibly include the throne of a Zulkir, and negotiated with Hardcastle to have her enclave remain the sole one in Cormyr. This was easily arranged with Hardcastle's influence, and the fact that Cormyr is loathe to have even the one within its borders, let alone more. She has negotiated for access to Mythalite, which she sees as her path to power. Spreading the influence of Thay in Cormyr is also one of her aims, tightening control over trade and supplying necessities to increase her vast wealth, enough to make a bid for the higher echelons of power in the Thayan government.

    Rumor has it that Hardcastle has her performing research for him; Many assume this research is likely illegal in Cormyr, which is why he has it conducted on Thayan soil, away from the prying eyes of the War Wizards. As of yet, no evidence of this has been uncovered, and the Khazark has remained silent on the matter. People rarely voice their suspicions openly, however, given the power and popularity of Hardcastle.

    Viewed with distrust and outright revulsion by most Cormyreans, even those of the oligarchial coalition, Thay has nonetheless a firm foothold in the Caravan City, to pursue whatever agenda Khazark Qa'sam has planned.

    Red Wizards are mostly human (Mulan ethnicity) though there are no real restrictions based on race
    Thayan Knights may be of any race, as they are slaves

    Non-chaotic, non-good. Heavily tending towards Lawful or Neutral Evil

    Red Wizards must be wizards or sorcerers.
    Thayan Knights must be able to wear medium armor and wield martial weapons and shields
    Clerics must follow Kossuth

    How to join:
    On-creation applications only, though spellcasters of note may be invited by the Khazark to join in-game as Red Wizards_

  • Storyteller [DM]

    If your PC is a slave of the Red Wizards, you need to apply for it to be active in Arabel.

  • Storyteller [DM]


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