Small Change to Application Process

  • As noted here, the application process has received a small change.

    One of the things that makes a character deep and interesting are the personality traits that they hold, more importantly how they respond and adapt to their given strengths and more importantly their weaknesses.

    For that reason, we now ask all applicants add a brief set of notable strengths and weakness to point 8.

    This will allow us, the DMs, to have a bit more insight into your character, as well as keep a clear indication of what your character may have to overcome, and what traits should be prominent and clear.

    They should be in the form of a short list, with more complicated ones receiving a brief description. Such an example could be:

    Strengths: Confident, Courageous (except spiders), Intelligent
    Weaknesses: Arachnophobic, Alcoholic, Stubborn

    Remember this should be prominent and notable strengths and weaknesses.

    Any questions can, of course, be directed to any of us via IRC or Ask a DM.

    Thank you.

  • To people asking, no you don't need to resubmit currently waiting applications with this information unless you want to. It is just for new applications.

  • For ease of reading, we ask that people follow the list format so strengths and weaknesses are clearly defined for us.

    Additionally this isn't an "optional" point, no one is without a weakness except for Eagleman 😉

    Edit: Proudly fixed by Camazotz
    Edit 2: Fixed fo' real by Deadlock

  • Just so we're clear before this happens, having stuff like "is just so awesome, people are often jealous or intimidated by him" doesn't count either.

    Unless you're Eagleman.

  • Yeah, no lame weaknesses that are actually strengths wearing hats that say "Weakness".