Arabel City Militia

  • The City Militia

    _The City Militia has a long and rich history in Arabel, having counted three Gods in their ranks at one time. They have existed since the very founding of the city, and though there have been periods when they have been disbanded, they have always reinstated their charter. The militia exists to keep Arabel safe and monitor and disrupt any criminal activity.

    Though the militia is comprised of a good deal of Lord Hardcastle's former mercenaries, the core of the outfit are citizens of Arabel, and more often besides faithful of Tempus and even Talos in the recent months in the wake of the Divine Silence. Religious tensions continue to simmer beneath the surface, and the institution of martial law has left law enforcement with a checkered public image.

    While technically answerable to the Lord of the North, The council of nobles has taken steps to ensure that the Militia have a degree of independence from his direct control by always having it commanded by respectable nobles, who have considerable influence of their own, though not necessarily as much as Hardcastle.

    With the 'election' and rise to nobility of the hin Wileon Bertson, some question whether the standard of noble rule is being challenged or not now that a gruff-mannered commoner hin has been elevated and given command. While the nobility's hold on the Militia remained unbroken, many wonder if an end to this practice is not in sight.

    Regardless of the case, the Militia certainly seems a more tempting place for all races now. Time will tell how long this lasts, and what changes will come in the future under a new, non-human leader

    With the demise of Warden Bertson, the Militia is now run by Warden Amblecrown.

    Humans are predominant, but half-elves generally regarded well. With a new non-human Warden, other races can expect an easier entry.

    Non-Chaotic, exceptions possible on a case by case basis.

    How to join:
    No application required. Be recruited in game by existing PCs. An application is required for Sergeant.

    The bronze spiked wheel represents the the endless struggle for glory, tempered with wisdom. The blue field signifies loyalty, truth and faith. The armored bears signify the strength of the watchers, clasping the Axe of Tempus that signifies their desire for honor in battle._

  • The Penal Legion

    _The Penal Legion of Arabel was founded during the Second Shadovar War by Lord Kraegus Thune, as an alternative to execution or imprisonment of dangerous criminals. Those sentenced to the Legion are expected to repay their debt to Cormyr by working as expendable soldiers in service to the City. The Militia have the right to execute them at any time, if they commit any crime. Legionnaires serve until their sentence is completed, or if permanently sentenced, until they render a great service to the city, enough to ask for an appeal.

    Legionnaires are marked by the black cloaks that are magically chained to them.



    How to join:
    The character must be sentenced to the Penal Legion by the law for crimes committed. We do allow certain on-creation concepts directly into the Penal Legion; For example, members of certain organizations that would be hunted down in Cormyr otherwise.

    Golden sunburst device on a field of sable. The Sable signifies the mark of the condemned, and the golden sun represents Lathander's promise of redemption._

  • Admin [DM]

    As of now, the Militia requires no applications to join. However, given this, here are a few caveats:

    Privates are no longer issued execution devices.

    You MUST apply for Sergeant, otherwise, you will never be promoted.

    You can be hired, and be fired, by anyone ranked higher than you (AKA, A sergeant can make a Private turn in their uniform).

    A Private can only issue fines and stock times. Serious crimes must be judged by sergeants, and capital by Lieutenants (or equivalent) or require a DM.

    Militia Benefits are:

    Enforcement Powers (No need to get a DM for PvP, though it is /required/ you notify the channel.)
    Free Resting
    Spiffy Love

  • Admin [DM]


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