Changing character apperance

  • Okay is there any way to make a PC change into one of my Custom monsters I've created?

    I'm working on a Dragon Lance campain for my friends and I would like to add another race option.

    it would be done via conversation, and it would change them into a custom NPC.

    Is this even possible?

    If not is there a way to change the color(s) of an existing creature through conversaion scripts? Or we talking Hak packs?


  • You can always use a polymorph effects, but that might cause some problems with spellcasting and equiping weapons.

  • Or the SetCharacterAppearanceType function.

  • Can you add to that list? I'm using the scrpit generator but it only has a few. I have custom made "humans" I wish to use, with skins already attached.

    or better yet a way to change the color of the 1/2 dragon that Bioware put in, think I answered my own questions.

  • SetCharacterAppearance doesn't work with custom human appearances; only the appearances you find stock in-game, and it doesn't affect any skins. If you want to change the color of an already existing creature, you need to find the texture and change it, then roll it into a hak.

  • Thanks guys

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