Character Tales

  • If anyone's interested in writing about a particular character, as a diary, short story or whatever format you wish, feel free to make a topic with your character's name in here and update in your own time. Basically this is for going into more depth than the timeline does, and especially for telling the tales of past characters - preferrably of their IG activities but whatever it is you feel like talking about.

    eg. (even though it is just a character background, and quite a detailed one at that, this would be the sort of scope/focus I have in mind: Xenthym Kane.

    Not that I know my way around it, but eventually all this would likely get put onto the CoA Wiki, so if you've got anything like character portraits or illustrations, go ahead and include them.

  • Since I was running over the time period for him anyways, Aueft is long departed, and some people may wonder at the backstory of that ranting nutjob in the fugue (if he's still there)

    Riautu Er'kust

    _A half-red dragon of uncertain origin, Riautu Er'kust was a figure in numerous events of 1374. A member of the Cult of the Dragon, and a worshipper of the Dragon Death God, Null, he came to Arabel with his bodyguard to act on the cult's interests.

    Initially seeming to be a friendly, if unsociable, presence, his frightful natural talents gained him some prestige amongst the adventuring populace. His Cults first notable success was in contacting the black dragon Othokentvivex, and securing an alliance with him by recovering for him the Elemental Staff of Air (ironically purchasing it from House Bresk, who was looking to kill Otho at the time).

    While Riautu was successful in convincing Othokentvivex to undergo the ritual to become a dracolich, the dragon was slain before final preparations could occur. The presence of the elemental staff in the dragons belongings pointed a quick finger to Riautu, and he became heavily opposed by goodly groups.

    Seeking to consolidate himself, he embarked on a journey, joined by those allies who could still be convinced to travel with him. Leading a "raid" into the crypt where Clar Banda was sealed, he was able to reach her pocket dimension, receiving an answer from her on the matter of a potential patron, in exchange for a sample of his draconic life force.

    His companions, unknown as to what transpired within Banda's pocket plane inside the crypt, continued with him north into the edge of the Anauroch. A brief encounter with a shadowy mage pointed him a ruined outpost, wherein he located the sanctuary of Kar'thax'alon, the Dark Flame. Amused by his boldness, Kar'thax demanded a sacrifice in exchange for bestowing championship upon Riautu.

    An elven cleric, thus far deluded into the journey, was acknowledged by Riautu, and despite an attempt to escape, ensnared by Kar'thax. The elf's soul was then trapped inside Riautu's scythe, and bestowed upon him as a token and reminder of his oaths to the demon.

    Riautu and the cult would then seek out the next known dragon in the region, the blue Mahrlee, and persuade her to undertake the ritual to protect her recent offspring. This agenda failed to come to fruition when Riautu (having become an outlaw at this point as suspicions became verified, including the elf's murder) was taken down by a large scale ambush perpetrated by the Iron Anvil.

    Riautu's soul remained unable to progress to his proper afterlife due to his oaths to Kar'thax, and was summoned to do battle with the Knights of the Merciful Sword when they confronted the demon. The paladins defeat of Kar'thax would free him, but he remains wandering the fugue, guiding the other souls of draconic heritage in service to his lord._

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